New sticking point emerges in Newcastle takeover


Will Newcastle's takeover be concluded soon? The answer to that question is one no one really has.

It's now been three months since PIF and Mohammed bin Salman first registered their interest in the club but remarkably, we're still no closer to discovering whether they can officially take over from Mike Ashley.

Either way, it appears he'll be out the door with Henry Mauriss a viable back-up option should things fall through. 

Richard Masters concluded that a resolution would soon arrive after being grilled by MPs on Tuesday morning, but whether that's to be believed after everything that's happened remains to be seen.

For Newcastle, they desperately need proceedings to be addressed and ironed out.

The latest in the takeover is that the Premier League and Saudi Arabia are trying to polish up a TV deal. If that goes through, it could be a takeover-defining decision, one that potentially improves relations between not only the league but also the British government and Saudi.

However, talks are still ongoing and there is now a fresh sticking point that PIF must overcome if they want to purchase the Magpies.

That was unveiled by Telegraph journalist Jason Burt.


He stated the following information:

"Dialogue is continuing between the buyers & the Premier League and there are discussions over the make-up of the proposed ownership of Newcastle and how that is linked to the Saudi government. It is hoped this will be resolved in the coming days." 

It has to be questioned, though, as to why this wasn't discussed previously?

St James' Park

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

It's hardly surprising that these discussions are taking place now given the information Daily Mail reporter Craig Hope delivered on Tuesday.

He claimed that Mohammed bin Salman wasn't even involved in the takeover, leading to questions surrounding who's actually in charge from the buying side.

If MbS is running the operation, one has to question the morals surrounding the Premier League if they allow him to buy the club.

Though, answers are needed, especially if PIF are to pass the owner's and director's test.

Presumably, if MbS isn't in charge - a man implicated in a murder in Saudi Arabia - things would have a better chance of going through. 

It really is anyone's guess at the moment but every day, there's a new update and claim surrounding the buyers and sellers.

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