The 25 highest spending managers in the world since the year 2000 (10th-1st)

No manager has spent more on players than Jose Mourinho

10. Rafael Benitez

Players acquired - 101

Amount spent - €824.87m

The only manager on this list to have bought more than 100 players. Gonzalo Higuain's €40m move to Napoli was the most expensive of the Spaniard's career.

9. Antonio Conte

Players acquired - 78

Amount spent - €846.69m

Juventus, Chelsea and Inter Milan have all provided Conte with a lot of financial support in the market, so it's not surprise to see the Italian in the top 10.

Conte with Inter Milan

8. Ernesto Valverde

Players acquired - 53

Amount spent - €849.13m

The signings of Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho make up €390m of Valverde's total, madness.

7. Arsene Wenger

Players acquired - 85

Amount spent - €892.47m

Wenger is way ahead of Fergie, mainly down to the prolonging of his career at Arsenal until 2018. At least his most expensive signing, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, was a decent parting gift.

6. Diego Simeone

Players acquired - 66

Amount spent - €988.54m

Simeone is a managerial genius, we're not disputing that. But don't be fooled into thinking he hasn't been handed enormous amounts of money to spend on players at Atletico Madrid.

5. Max Allegri

Players acquired - 95

Amount spent - €1.06bn

The first manager to hit the €1bn mark. Around €120m of his total was from Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Juventus.

Allegri with Juventus

4. Manuel Pellegrini

Players acquired - 86

Amount spent - €1.13bn

The man who signed Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City. They turned out okay, didn't they?

3. Carlo Ancelotti

Players acquired - 81

Amount spent - €1.29bn

The Italian has managed so many of the biggest clubs in the world this century including AC Milan, PSG, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich, so it's no wonder his total is enormous.

2. Pep Guardiola

Players acquired - 61

Amount spent €1.33bn

No surprise here at all. Throughout the course of his career, Guardiola has spent €30m+ on 19 different players.

1. Jose Mourinho

Players acquired - 99

Amount spent - €1.63bn

The winner by a healthy margin. Amazingly, Mourinho has spent €30m+ on 22 players during his time as a manager, with the €105m signing of Paul Pogba at Manchester United by far the most expensive.

Mourinho & Pogba with Man Utd

It's no surprise to see Guardiola and Mourinho take the top two spots.

However, were we to analyse the data based on the amount spent per player, Guardiola would comfortably take top spot.

The Spaniard's average transfer costs €21.8m, while Mourinho's stands at €16.46m.

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