Arsenal strikers since 2000 ranked by their goal-per-game ratio (10th-1st)

  • Kobe Tong

10. Dennis Bergkamp - 0.28

Goals: 120

Games: 423

You could argue that we've been harsh calling Bergkamp a striker, but give credit to the Dutchman for finishing in the top half when compared to players who earned millions as an out-and-out number nine. Legendary.

9. Eduardo - 0.31

Goals: 21

Games: 67

Arsenal fans still shed a tear at the sight of Eduardo breaking his leg at Birmingham City and even though he's one of those 'what could have been?' players, his record was still pretty impressive.


8. Lucas Pérez - 0.33

Goals: 7

Games: 21

Ermmmmm... this is random. To be honest, though, seven goals isn't exactly anything to write home about and the fact only one of them was actually in the Premier League gives you plenty of intel on why he was flogged after one season.

7. Lukas Podolski - 0.38

Goals: 31

Games: 82

Fun fact: Podolski averaged a goal or assist every 109 minutes as an Arsenal player, which is the 10th greatest ratio that's been recorded since the Premier League began. 


6. Alexandre Lacazette - 0.38

Goals: 45

Games: 119

Lacazette might seem physically incapable of scoring away from home these days, but his predatory instincts inside the box haven't totally abandoned him and finishing sixth in this star-studded list is great going.

5. Olivier Giroud - 0.42

Goals: 105

Games: 253

Selling Giroud looks more and more ill-judged as times goes on. Whenever the Frenchman is criticised, fans defend him by saying he does more than score which, albeit true, does his brilliant record in front of goal a disservice.


4. Emmanuel Adebayor - 0.44

Goals: 62

Games: 142

For the sake of any Arsenal fans reading, we'll just shuffle past this one. Who even is this guy?

3. Robin van Persie - 0.47

Goals: 132

Games: 278

Oh. Straight from one villain at Arsenal to another one. Nothing to see here...


2. Thierry Henry - 0.61

Goals: 228

Games: 376

Phew, we're back on track. Henry is quite simply the greatest player to ever appear in the Premier League, winning a record four Golden Boots and bagging the assists record for good measure. Arsenal's all-time top scorer.


1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 0.62

Goals: 63

Games: 101

But sorry, Thierry, you're statistically just a few notches behind Aubameyang who, by virtue of hitting the road a little quicker than his fellow No.14 wearer, takes spot here to got with his recent 50-goal mark in the Premier League.


Aubameyang defeats Henry

Aubameyang really is a special striker, isn't he?

When you consider Arsenal are sitting seventh in the table with only 11 league wins, it's beggar belief that Aubameyang has still managed to be as prolific as he has in north London.

And the fact it's to the extent that he's rubbing shoulders with four-time Golden Boot winners and members of the 'Invincibles team' is credit to how invaluable he's become for the Gunners.


For our money, Henry is still the greatest ever striker to turn out for Arsenal - no shocks there - but downplay Aubameyang's achievements at your peril. Fair play, Pierre-Emerick.

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