UFC news: Joe Rogan was once in one of the worst 'fights' in TV history during Fear Factor days


Based on footage from early in his television career, it’s fair to say that Joe Rogan is better suited to commentating on fighting than getting involved in bouts himself.

While working as the presenter of popular TV show ‘Fear Factor’, which challenged participants to face their worst fears and overcome challenges to win a $50,000 grand prize, Rogan had to contend with contestant violence, leading to a rather pathetic scuffle.

During a filming session for the reality show, Rogan felt forced to take action after a female contestant punched a male contestant in the stomach.

Rogan responded to the punch, saying: “What are you doing, you can’t assault people. What he did is called strategy, you can’t run up to him and hit him.”

The woman’s husband did not take kindly to Rogan’s comments, approaching him and yelling rather aggressively in his face.

All of a sudden, Rogan was holding him in a clinch, with another contestant, WWE superstar The Miz, getting involved to break up the fight – dramatically claiming afterwards that he had to “break this up ‘cos Joe’s gonna kill him.”

In a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan spoke about the incident, saying: “The guy got in my face. There’s a lot of it that wasn’t on film, they didn’t put it on TV.

“But, I pushed him out of my face. He said ‘Don’t push me!’. I said, ‘Or what, b*tch?!’. I [thought] this is just too tense. I’m just gonna grab this guy. I’m not getting punched in the face. I just grabbed him, I didn’t hurt him.

“I thought he was gonna hit me! I didn’t hurt him, I was thinking of choking him. But I was like, I better not choke him. Because if I choke him, you know, maybe they could sue me.”

Even if it’s true that most of the fighting took place off-camera, this will surely go down as one of the worst televised ‘fights’ in history.

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