Newcastle takeover update from both parties

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Another week is nearly done and yet, we are still no closer to discovering whether Mike Ashley can leave Newcastle.

For three months now, the Saudi's Prince Investment Fund has been at the centre of a £300m takeover.

However, for various reasons, they still haven't walked through the door of St James' Park.

Whether it's the owner's and director's test, or whether it's piracy and TV deals, numerous sticking points have prevented PIF from purchasing a stake in the Toon Army.

It's got to the point where it's difficult to believe if it's a matter of days away or if it's still weeks from being completed. 

The biggest update this week was the grilling Richard Masters received from Members of Parliament.

The Premier League chief suggested a resolution between the top-flight and Saudi Arabia was close but he was rather battered by the House of Commons.

'Humiliating' was one word used to describe the takeover if it went through. For various reasons, that particular MP probably isn't wrong.

Steve Bruce

However, opening up more about the Premier League's current stance, journalist Mark Douglas took to a Chronicle Live Q&A to answer one supporter's question. 

He seemed to suggest that a decision should already have been passed.

"All I can say is the guidance from Premier League and according to both parties was that a decision was expected. I don't think the Saudi statement helped but PL seem intent on making it as rigorous as possible," Douglas revealed.

Ashley sell

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

Douglas' comments come with both positives and negatives.

On the one hand, the fact that both parties expected a decision already is hardly helping proceedings. PIF and Mike Ashley are now merely sitting on an agreement they've already come to without anything actually progressing.

However, the Premier League's rigorous process and decision-making should benefit the club and the league long-term.

After all, if Newcastle's would-be owners finally walk through the door and more controversy unravels in Saudi Arabia, the House of Commons and the Premier League are going to be far from happy.


They've already voiced their displeasures regarding ethics and piracy so the last thing they need is further bad press.

The meticulous process the top-flight have taken with the takeover is incredibly tiring but given the issues they've faced, you can't blame them for investigating it fully.

Either way, more clarity needs issuing.

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