Newcastle takeover still needs funds to be shared

Mike Ashley

Newcastle's takeover has been rumbling on for months now and with things heading into a new week, we're no closer to finding a resolution.

Premier League chief Richard Masters suggested this week that one was close, but since his grilling in front of Members of Parliament, things have gone pretty silent. 

The proposed £300m takeover, it would seem, is annoying MPs but that's the same for politicians in Saudi Arabia.

Even they are getting frustrated with a lack of progress. 

And who can blame them? Initial steps to buy the club were made around three months ago now.

It's thought that the Premier League and Saudi are trying to agree a TV deal, one that ensures the top-flight gets something out of the takeover if it goes through.

That's hardly surprising given the piracy of their broadcasts back in Saudi. That part of the deal has been highly contentious but it doesn't matter how many times someone claims it's close, the wait always goes on.


New claims appear to arrive each day and that was no different on Friday evening.

George Caulkin, one of the people right at the heart and centre of the takeover coverage revealed some fresh information about the money involved in proceedings.

Responding to a fan's query on Twitter, he revealed that the takeover wasn't at a stage where funds were being transferred, playing down the fact that things could be wrapped up very soon.

He said:

Given hopes that a resolution could shortly be discovered, this is largely disappointing news.


GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

To say the Newcastle takeover is now getting tedious would be an understatement.

We've got to the point where news is now emerging of PIFs desire to buy another club.

It was revealed late this week that Mohammed Bin Salman also had interest in investing in French club Marseille, putting Newcastle slightly on the backburner.

It's thought France would welcome Saudi interest more so than in Britain, and who can blame them after the impact PSG have had in Ligue 1?

Ran by QSI, a firm based in Qatar, they've helped to change the landscape of football in that country.


Though, Britain themselves know the impact the Middle-East can have on football. Manchester City are owned by Sheikh Mansour, after all.

Though, the controversies engulfing Bin Salman are worrying. Piracy claims won't go away while the fact he's implicated in murder is hardly helping proceedings.

For the sake of everyone, the Premier League need to either confirm or deny the takeover.

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