Jurgen Klopp wants the Premier League to change controversial rule for title winners

Klopp has promised medals to his squad

Liverpool are finally Premier League champions. 

Lifting the title in a couple of weeks will be the reward for a sensational season that has seen the Reds blow away all of their rivals. 

Along with the trophy comes what all players dream of getting their hands on - a winners medal. 

But, due to certain rules, only 40 medals are given out to Premier League winning teams and players must feature in at least five matches to secure theirs. 

It's certainly an odd rule, and it's one Jurgen Klopp disagrees with. 

He wants every single member of his squad to receive a medal, regardless of how many games they have played. 

The German has even promised to manufacture more or give his away if anyone misses out. 

Klopp has promised his team winners medals

"If you play one game you should have a medal, if you play no games you should have a medal," Klopp said, per The Guardian.

"I don’t know who thought of five games, who came up with that idea, but I don’t think it’s a good rule because people don’t understand how important the squad is to win a championship.

"You train five million times a year and if you don’t train at the highest level you have no chance to win a championship. 

Only certain players get a medal under current rules

"These guys will get a medal 100%, even if I have to produce one myself. They can have my medal. If they are part of the squad they deserve the medal."

However, despite pushing for every member of his squad to get a medal, Klopp has confirmed he won't be handing out starts 'like Christmas presents' so certain players can secure one.

"The youngsters are really close, but we won't give them Premier League matches just for fun," he said, per the BBC.

Some youngsters could get a medal

"We want to win football games and to win football games the best players have to be on the pitch.

"If the young boys are part of these best players then they will be on the pitch. We don't give Premier League games as Christmas presents."

GIVEMESPORT's Ollie Browning says:

Well done to Klopp for calling out the Premier League over this strange 40 medal limit. 

Why shouldn't every single player and staff member involved at Liverpool get one?

Klopp is right to question the rule

They are all registered to the squad, they are all eligible to play every week, so they should get a medal. 

Hopefully, as Klopp has been so vocal about the issue, things will change. Could this be the first time we see the entire squad receive a medal? Don't bet against it. 

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