Mike Tyson is looking absolutely shredded in latest topless photo


As we all know by now, Mike Tyson is planning on making a spectacular return to the boxing ring.

As of yet, we don’t officially know who he will be fighting, or even when it will be taking place, but we just know it will happen… eventually.

There have been rumours going round about a possible fight with Shannon Briggs… LET’S GO CHAMP, whilst there have also been discussions regarding a third fight with long-term foe Evander Holyfield.

That’s now all, though. 

‘Iron Mike’ has also been linked with a debut in BKFC, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, for those who do not know, and he’s also been linked with a wrestling match against Chris Jericho in AEW. Not to mention there was also discussions of him taking on this generation’s Tyson… Tyson Fury.

But, as of yet, it is all guess work with what’s coming up for the now 54-year-old, but one thing we do know for sure is that he’s in crazy shape.

We’ve all seen the footage of him working the pads and the punch bag, and quite frankly, it’s still as frightening as it was back in 1986.

However, a new photo has emerged of the veteran and it’s simply insane.

Have a look for yourself below…


Forget being a 54-year-old veteran out of the game, Tyson looks like he has abs like a peak Anthony Joshua!!!

This is a man who is 100% ready to get back into the ring, and 100% ready to give an a** kicking to anyone who stands in his way.

Whatever Tyson is doing behind closed doors, it is clearly working because he looks absolutely fantastic.

What other 54-year-old do you know looking like this?!

Let’s hope all this hard work he’s putting in doesn’t go to waste, and he’s back in the ring eventually sooner rather than later.

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