An all-black version of the PlayStation 5 looks so much nicer than the white model

  • Tom Kelly

During the early weeks of June, Sony lifted the curtain on their revolutionary gaming console the PlayStation 5.

However, the response that followed the PS5 announcement was rather unexpected, as fans mocked the innovative design. 

Images and memes circulated online of what the PS5, unfortunately, resembled, as some fans likened the console to skyscrapers and, less glamorously, a WiFi router with two sheets of paper either side. 

The PS5's intended futuristic design has certainly been placed under the microscope by fans, with the exterior white details gaining little support. However, there appears to be a solution. 

YouTuber Giuseppe Spinelli revealed his slick take on the PS5 in his latest video. The content creator's cinematic approach to his very own conceptual design can certainly inject a new level of excitement for PlayStation fans.

Further to this, his design has amassed over 250,000 views over the weekend and fans are clearly appreciative of his work. 

"Be aware: if Sony should ever discover your channel, it means you're hired, and you start Monday," one fan commented. 

Spinelli's eye-catching conceptual piece predominantly features one overriding difference from the original. This being that he returns the PlayStation from the ridiculed white to a stylish jet black that provides gamers with that initial sense of nostalgia. 

Possibly accentuated through close-up angles and dramatic music, the YouTuber has certainly hit the nail on the head. The PlayStation's iconic blue lighting complements Spinelli's dark design, while it's fair to suggest that Sony's new console lacks identity and doesn't honour the roots of its infant designs.

Since the official announcement, a white version of the console is the only planned release from Sony, however, by creating such a beautiful, yet slick design - this could potentially force Sony into re-thinking the design of evolved versions of the PS5. 

Renowned Reddit user Barron-Blade has indicated through his legitimate sources that the PlayStation 5 would be available by mid-November, ahead of the holiday season.

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