Austria Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel spun off the track by Carlos Sainz; the man replacing him next season

  • Alex Batt

You couldn't write it, could you?

In the first Grand Prix back after the extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari collided into the man replacing him next season Carlos Sainz.

During the break, it was announced that the German driver would be leaving the Prancing Horse at the end of the season, and it didn't take long for the constructors to then announce his replacement.

Sainz, currently of McLaren, is the man to replace the veteran four-time world champion, and as of yet, it is not known where Vettel will be racing next season.

But, that's the future, what is crazy right now is the fact the two were involved in an incident during today's Austrian Grand Prix.

The collision can be seen in the video below.

As can be seen in the video above, Vettel clearly broke late going into the corner and collided with Sainz, who was keeping to his racing track and minding his own business.

Another costly error from the German, and that is one of the main reasons why Ferrari are parting ways with him ahead of next season.

Vettel had a nightmare 2019 campaign, making several high-profile and costly errors throughout the campaign, leaving him in Lewis Hamilton's dust and contributing to Ferrari being left behind rivals Mercedes.

Things were so bad for Vettel, he even finished behind young teammate Charles Leclerc, who will now be Ferrari's main man going forward.

The collision cost Vettel dearly, sending him right to the bottom of the pack, and it's something he'll be hoping doesn't happen again considering his reputation from last season.

Although it is great to see Formula One back, one man who probably isn't as delighted this afternoon is Vettel, who will be wondering what on earth has happened to him in recent months.

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