Newcastle United journalist says 'decision needs to be made' as takeover saga continues


Supporters continue to face an anxious wait as a decision over Newcastle United's takeover

News broke over three months ago about a prospective £300million deal to buy the club, meaning that the fans have been on tenterhooks ever since.

Amanda Staveley is the figurehead of the Saudi-backed consortium who are said to be leading the charge for the club, with just one final test standing in their way.

The club are currently waiting on a verdict from the Premier League as to whether the £300million deal can go ahead.

The latest twist in the tale saw Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab sanction international human rights abusers, including plans to freeze assets and prevent entry into the country for organisations and individuals accused of atrocities and abuses including 20 Saudi nationals.

Those involved with the deal to buy Newcastle United have continually distanced themselves from such atrocities, but it'll no doubt feature in the Premier League's decision over the suitability of the buying party.

But while it's only right for the Premier League to carry and a full assessment, Mark Douglas of Chronicle Live says it's time for a decision to be made once and for all.

Douglas wrote "To the straightforward question: will this have any impact on the bid the answer - surely - is no.

"Those close to the bid have always denied any link between anyone who has involvement or will have day-to-day responsibilities in any wrong-doings.

"That includes piracy, the biggest issue they have dealt with, but extends to the brutal murder of Khassogi.

But it says much about the process, how closely it is intertwined in geopolitics and how hotly contested it has been, that it is even a question.

"The Premier League, who have been asking further questions about links to the Saudi government, the structure of the consortium and who will hold positions of influence, have been considering the bid for more than 80 days and will need to come to a decision soon.


"Frustratingly there have been few accurate pointers about which way the decision will go or the possible timeline. Richard Masters last week said a decision would be arrived at "shortly".

"It has been a wearying time, full of uncomfortable questions and there is now a huge information vacuum.

"Even those close to the process have seen their informed hunches on when a decision will be made and what it will be come to nothing due to delays that weren't anticipated.

"Newcastle fans who have had to deal with matters so far removed from on-field affairs will hope Masters is true to his word. We just need to know."


GIVEMESPORT'S Phil Spencer says...

While patience is obviously key during such uncertain times, you can hardly blame the Newcastle United fans for growing restless.

For many, a potential announcement of a full takeover is exactly what they’ve been wishing for several years while enduring a turbulent reign under Mike Ashley.

The Sports Direct owner has been a hugely unpopular figure on Tyneside, and that’s why talk of interest from the Saudi-based consortium is such a hot topic of conversation.

But Newcastle fans must still be cautious.

If anyone knows what it’s like to see their club owned by an unpopular figure, it’s Newcastle United fans.

That’s why they must remain patient – after all, the last thing they want is to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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