Survey suggests PlayStation 5 price could be lower than anticipated


What would you be prepared to pay for Sony’s latest console the PlayStation 5?

Immediate figures that would spring to my mind would be something in the region of £500. Maybe £450 if we are lucky.

Well, apparently, the Japanese technology company is reportedly doing some market research about what the overall cost should be. It turns out it may end up being lower than you might think.

Indeed, a Reddit user called u/youessbee shared some details about a Nielsen survey they took part in recently, with one of the key questions being debated among PlayStation fans being the price of the new console.

Ultimately, the price ‘randomly generated’ by the survey being considered was £349 for the disc-drive version of the PS5 and £259 for the digital only addition.

The quote in full said: “As mentioned in the product description, the pricing of this new product (PlayStation 5) has not yet been determined. For the purpose of this survey, we will assign you random pricing. Please take this random pricing into consideration at the following questions.

“The random prices for this new product (PlayStation 5) that you will evaluate are PlayStation 5: £349; PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: £259.”


This, on first glance anyway, would certainly appear too good to be true! Particularly as the manufacturing costs of the console is reported to be £360.

The initial costings mentioned in this survey, however, would mean that Sony will in fact be suffering a loss per console. This is not mentioning the puzzling wide margin between the Disc-Drive and Digital Edition of the console.

There could, however, be external factors to consider. For instance, fierce video game rivals Microsoft’s aggressive strategy for their latest edition of the Xbox Series S, which is reported to be selling as low as $199.

Then there is, of course, the worldwide COVID-19 health crisis that could be persuading Sony to take what would be a rather substantial financial hit.


This is, however, all just market research at this point, but does provide us with a preview of Sony’s overall thought process at this time.

One thing is certain, the two leading technology companies are expected to announce the official prices, pre-order and release dates in the next few months.

What price would you be prepared to pay for Sony and Microsoft’s latest console?

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