Newcastle takeover delivered damning Premier League claim


With a new week upon us, rather unsurprisingly, we are nowhere closer to discovering whether Newcastle's takeover will go through.

For over three months, the Toon Army have been waiting for a clue, any sign of the deal finally being concluded. However, that simply hasn't been forthcoming.

Piracy has played a huge part in delaying the takeover with the Premier League and Saudi Arabia now in discussions about agreeing a TV deal.

That could well be the final obstacle in allowing things to go through.

Though, that can't be for certain. After all, new obstacles seem to arise each week.

Last week news emerged that even PIF were annoying Saudi politicians. That was just days after MPs in this country grilled the Premier League chief Richard Masters.

One claimed it would be humiliating if they allowed the deal to be wrapped up. It's rather baffling, therefore, that they granted the privilege of investigating things to the top-flight.


As July ticked over into its second week, the realisation that Newcastle's takeover would continue to rumble on became a reality. 

For a number of reasons, the top-flight have delayed their decision. Masters claimed a resolution was close to being found this time last week but of course, that hasn't been discovered.

Speaking about the takeover, journalist Paul Smith took to Twitter to issue a rather damning claim in the direction of the Premier League.

He said:

Worrying signs indeed.


GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

If there was ever a claim that summed up the lunacy of the takeover, this would be it. 

For weeks on end the Newcastle supporters have been pleading with the Premier League to finally offer some form of update, but barring Masters' rather unclear words last week, there hasn't been anything.

Once all is said and done, surely the top-flight will realise the error of their ways.

The process isn't only flawed, it's utterly ridiculous

Steve Bruce

Their investigation is now not only beginning to hurt Newcastle but also themselves. Even if they pass the deal, something that will be seen as controversial in the House of Commons, they will come out worse off - certainly in terms of general opinion.

Though, financially, they will be the winners. As the Athletic's George Caulkin claimed last week, the takeover is now simply a battle of money.

If the Premier League get want they want, then surely they'll allow PIF to walk through the doors of St James' Park.

Don't hold your breath, though.

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