What happened when a YouTuber trained and ate like Brian Shaw for 24 hours


YouTuber Will Tennyson is back with another food challenge, and this one may be his most challenging yet.

Tennyson tried former World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw’s 10,000 calorie diet. Not only is he a former winner, he’s a former four-time winner, so he’s a serious, serious athlete.

Tennyson has made his success on YouTube by doing a wide range of challenges, taking on the likes of Mike Tyson’s diet and training, drinking protein shakes for 24 hours and eating like the queen for a day.

His latest challenge comes from Shaw’s most recent video on his new 10,000 calorie diet. The diet consists of six meals (including cheesecake at the end), and each meal consists of over 1,100 calories.

Tennyson was up for the challenge and ate like the former World’s Strongest Man, but boy did he struggle at times.

Tennyson started things off with Shaw’s first meal, which consisted of one cup dry measure of grits, eight whole eggs, and a cup of orange juice. The meal ended up being 1,190 calories, and Tennyson got through it without much of a hassle. But, of course, that was just meal one and just to start off the day.

Then it was on to meal two.


Meal two consisted of two cups of dry measured powdered mash potatoes and either lean beef, bison, and salmon. Tennyson followed Shaw’s video and chose two bison patties. Shaw added an interesting touch to the meal, as he adds duck fat to his mashed potatoes. Yep, duck fat.

The meal came up to 1,220 calories and put Tennyson at 2,410 calories for the day, more than most humans eat for the whole day, yet alone just the morning.

After meal two, Tennyson felt lethargic but geared up for meal three, which he took on the road with him.

Meal three consisted of turkey patties and two-and-a-half cups of cooked rice. Shaw ate his meal on the go as he left to get treatment from a therapy and sports performance center, and Tennyson tried to follow suit.

Sadly, things didn’t go according to plan, but Tennyson followed on and ate his meal in the car, giving him 3,651 calories for the day.

Then, he went on with his day with meals (including one of a surprising Dominoes pizza and cheesecake) and completed the challenge.

Shaw’s diet and exercise plan consisted of so much food, and Tennyson did his best to follow it exactly.

As the video shows, it was difficult, but Tennyson, a competitor at heart, got through it. Honestly, maybe switching diets with Ollie (see video) wasn’t a bad option.

How do you think Will Tennyson did with Shaw’s (daily) diet?

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