Newcastle takeover bombshell dropped


Will Mike Ashley's Newcastle tenure ever come to an end?

At the moment, it feels unlikely. 

For weeks now the Toon Army have been getting more and more restless, waiting for the Premier League to provide an update on the status of PIF's bid to buy the Magpies.

However, despite three months passing, we're no closer to establishing whether they're fit to run a football club in his country.

PIF are the subject of the mandatory Premier League owners' and directors' test but that's still ongoing amid claims of piracy.

Richard Masters admitted this time last week in front of MPs that a resolution was near but once again, that seemingly isn't the case.

After everything that's been revealed during this saga, it's hardly unsurprising, but a statement of sorts from the top dogs at the Premier League would be of enormous help to everyone involved.


Piracy has been a major issue in allowing the takeover to go through and in recent weeks it's been suggested that the Premier League and Saudi Arabia are working on some form of TV deal.

Though, a bombshell was dropped on Monday by investigative reporter and journalist for the Athletic, Matt Slater.

Speaking during the latest episode of Pod on the Tyne, he revealed that this issue has been one that's been investigated for over a year. Thus, it almost defies belief that the Premier League still haven't reached a conclusion.

Slater said:

"I've spoken to people that have said for the last year or so, the Premier League has been lobbying the British government to go have a word with Saudi, because not only are they pinching the Premier League, they're pinching Wimbledon, they're pinching F1, they're pinching you name it.

"FIFA have been onto them, UEFA have been onto them, La Liga, Bundesliga - they don't agree on much but they kind of agree on piracy. So, Saudi has managed to unite the football world. Now, you then throw Newcastle into the mix, and this is where I do have massive sympathy for Newcastle United fans, I understand the whole backstory with Ashley.

"beIN have spent a fortune on trying to shut them down and it just keeps popping up, you just can't kill it, it's like weeds in the garden." 

"At best Saudi has tolerated this and ignored the football industry, the sports rights industry, asking them to do something about it now. Now Saudi Arabia's around the table saying, 'can we buy one of your clubs'. So, at a time, bear in mind when we've gone behind closed doors and when TV contracts are more important than ever before. 

"The TV partners are really important, you've got one of them who's been asking for help and the Premier League has given them help."


GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

The fact that FIFA and UEFA have also been investigating Saudi for piracy does not bode well at all.

Though, the fact the Premier League has been lobbying for the British government to have a look at things contradicts a lot of the words coming out of the House of Commons.

One MP commented it would be humiliating if the Premier League allowed things to pass, but the fact of the matter is, that the top-flight have already warned Parliament about the huge piracy issues in the Middle East. 


For Members of Parliament to come out and shut things down because of that reason only adds to the ridiculous nature of what's going on at the moment.

Had they investigated things properly when England's top division asked them to do, perhaps everything happening now could have been avoided.

Once again, it's a game of ifs and buts, but surely we'll have some more concrete news soon.

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