WWE news: Rey Mysterio or Seth Rollins must pull out opponent's eye to win at Extreme Rules

Mysterio and Rollins clash at Extreme Rules

This week's episode of Monday Night RAW confirmed Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins will finally go one-on-one at Extreme Rules. 

But it won't be just your average match - this one comes with a rather unique stipulation.  

July 19th's pay-per-view has been dubbed 'The Horror Show' - suggesting things will be even more extreme than normal.  

It seems Mysterio and Rollins will be leading the way as they meet in an 'Eye for an Eye Match'. 

When the stipulation was first announced, fans were left wondering exactly what that means.

WWE have since moved to clarify the rules and have confirmed that the only way to win is by 'extracting the opponent's eye'.

Yes, really. 

Mysterio and Rollins meet at Extreme Rules

"The Horror Show at Extreme Rules added a new level of terror as Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins will meet in an Eye for an Eye Match," WWE announced.

"Mysterio teamed with Kevin Owens to defeat Rollins and Murphy for the right to choose the gory stipulation where a winner can only be determined by extracting the opponent's eye." 

Sounds pretty gory. 

Mysterio has already 'lost an eye'

The 'Eye for an Eye Match' of course, plays off an angle that has been building for months between Rollins and Mysterio. 

It all started when The Monday Night Messiah drove his opponent's eye into the steel steps, before attempting to do the same to his son Dominik weeks later. 

Rollins injured Mysterio's eye weeks ago

GIVEMESPORT's Ollie Browning says: 

This feud between Rollins and Mysterio has been one of WWE's best since WrestleMania, so let's hope the pair can deliver a solid bout at Extreme Rules.

Given the stipulation is to apparently 'extract the opponent's eye' it will be interesting to see if this will be another cinematic match. 

After all, it would be rather tough to sell that kind of injury under normal circumstances.

Rollins has also attacked Mysterio's son

Given how much WWE are pushing this 'eye for an eye' angle, I'm hoping to see this storyline come to a very exciting conclusion at Extreme Rules. After all, it could be Mysterio's last...

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