Video goes viral showing 'what happens when Cristiano Ronaldo drops deep like Lionel Messi'


Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 30th goal of the season last night.

It’s the 10th time in the past 11 seasons that the Portuguese legend has achieved that.

But Ronaldo won’t be celebrating reaching that milestone this morning.

His goal put Juve 2-0 ahead at the San Siro against AC Milan and looked set to give them another three points and they close in on the Serie A title.

But an incredible turnaround meant that Ronaldo would end up on the losing side.


First, Zlatan Ibrahimovic pulled a goal back from the penalty spot despite Ronaldo doing his best to put him off.

Ronaldo was heard saying ‘You know him’ to goalkeeper Wojciech SzczÄ™sny. It turns out the Pole didn’t know Zlatan that well as he dived the wrong way.

Four minutes later, Franck Kessie equalised.

From 2-0 to 2-2 in a matter of minutes.

Juve needed to keep the ball for a few minutes to ride out the storm.


Ronaldo attempted to help out by dropping deep to collect possession. But it didn’t go to plan.

His first pass hit the heel of a teammate before the ball bounced back to him. On the halfway line, he then attempted another pass which was intercepted.

Suddenly, Milan were on the break and within seconds Rafael Leao put them 3-2 ahead to complete an astonishing five minute turnaround.

And after Ronaldo’s mistake which led to the goal, a tweet quickly went viral comparing his playmaking ability to that of Lionel Messi.

The tweet read: “This is what happens when Ronaldo tries to drop deep like Messi.”

Of course, Messi is one of the greatest playmakers in the history of football and is on the brink of registering 20 assists in a La Liga season.

Ronaldo doesn’t tend to drop deep and pick up the ball to make things happen as much as the Barca legend - especially as the age of 35.

But he obviously felt the need to try and haul Juve back into the game and wanted to get on the ball.

It didn’t pay off this time but it’s harsh to judge his entire playmaking ability based on one video clip.

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