Call of Duty have removed the 'Okay' gesture from Modern Warfare and Warzone


Call of Duty have removed the ‘okay’ hand gesture from the popular video game, with fans speculating that the move has been made due to the symbol’s far-right links.

The signal, most notably made by underwater divers, is often made by people to check that they are in good condition and able to continue with the activity that they are doing.

The gesture has also been used by members of the far-right, though, which may have played a part in the signal being taken off Call of Duty recently.

Gaming site EuroGamer confirmed that this was likely to be the reason, whilst also suggesting that the latest update to the game could also be a further sign of Call of Duty’s support to the Black Lives Matter movement.

EuroGamer said: “The OK sign is no longer in the game, pulled on the quiet by Infinity Ward as part of Modern Warfare’s mid-season update and replaced by a new gesture called ‘crush’.

“Its removal from Call of Duty probably has to do with the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. Infinity Ward has issued strong statements in recent weeks, pledging to crack down on racism in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and even inserting a Black Lives Matter message into the game.”

The Black Lives Matter movement has gathered momentum in recent weeks following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota back in May. Call of Duty’s actions indicate that they are attempting to cut down on any form of discrimination moving forwards.


However, not all online players are happy with the change, with some demanding answers as to why the signal has been replaced.

One clearly unhappy gamer tweeted: “@CallofDuty before the mid season update there was a gift pack released with the ok symbol I snatched this pack just for the ok symbol but now its been replaced with another emote called crush. I don’t want crush. I want the okay symbol. Please respond I’d like to know why this is.”

This may just be the first of many alterations to the game.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty’s decision to remove the ‘okay’ hand gesture? The right move or unnecessary?

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