WWE news: 5 ways Brock Lesnar can reinvigorate his character


Brock Lesnar is one of the most over WWE superstars of his generation.

He’s a genuine draw, a star turn that Vince McMahon can call upon when he really needs to sell a pay-per-view.

But he’s also a part-timer, and he hasn’t been seen since Wrestlemania, when he dropped the Universal Title to Seth Rollins.

It gives him the chance to go away and build some hype for his inevitable eventual return to the squared circle.

But it must be said that, since his pairing with Paul Heyman, he has been the same superstar; he turns up, usually wins, and his matches include loads of suplexes and a couple of F5s, if we’re lucky.

He needs to freshen his character up while he is out of the ring.

GIVEMESPORT has taken a look at five ways that Brock could reinvigorate his WWE character…



This is a bit of a controversial one.

Heyman has been central to Lesnar’s character over the years, issuing “spoilers” on the Monday Night Raw before a pay-per-view.

But moving beyond that dynamic, and the option to constantly hide behind Heyman’s superb mic work, gives fans the opportunity to get to know who Brock is.

He very rarely speaks on television, instead standing back as Heyman delivers his latest monologue.

It is becoming old hat and WWE need to move beyond it.



Suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, F5, pin, 1, 2, 3.

That’s been the formula for far too long now, and Lesnar really needs to change it up.

He is an incredibly gifted athlete, and is remarkably quick and agile for a man his size.

We just don’t see it enough.

He has a big-match template that usually revolves around finishers – see his match against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania as an example – but it’s just dull at this point.

His best matches come when he steps out of his comfort zone and varies his moveset. He should do it more often.



Brock has had too many matches against the same guys.

He faced Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, then at Extreme Rules, and at SummerSlam. He faced Roman Reigns on three successive pay-per-views in 2018, and has faced Braun Strowman a few times too.

Whenever a new match comes up, it is often thrown away; he beat Ricochet in under two minutes at Super ShowDown and beat Kofi Kingston in seven seconds on SmackDown.

Finding him some new opponents that he can have a proper programme with has to be imperative to the way WWE are working.

It freshens up both Brock’s character and the product itself.



Brock Lesnar is a brilliant wrestler.

He’s a fabulously agile athlete and he could be something of a leader in the locker room, and on television, if he is given the chance to work with some up-and-coming talents.

Think of the impact he could have on the likes of Matt Riddle, Chad Gable, Pete Dunne, and Austin Theory if he is given the opportunity.

That could even lead to a stable on WWE television, led by perhaps the most legitimate athlete in the company.

It could be an amazing opportunity for Lesnar and those wrestlers working with him. 



This is the nub of it.

If Brock works every week on either Raw or SmackDown, the fans can again form a connection with the star.

As it is, he’s the part-timer who turns up occasionally to beat a full-time champion and then go off with the belt he has won.

There’s nothing to say that he can’t keep winning if he’s booked regularly, but it would at least add some variety.

He would also be able to work with various superstars and eventually put them over.

That’s what’s needed.

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