UFC news: Shocking video emerges of UFC fighter Mike Perry attacking a member of the public

  • Tom Kelly

Mike Perry, a 28-year-old UFC fighter, has thrown himself into hot water by violently attacking a member of the public outside a Texas restaurant. 

A disturbing video has since emerged of the incident which occurred at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock at 10:30 pm Tuesday night. Prior to the recording, Perry, allegedly, punched another man who he was seated near and was subsequently asked to leave. 

The American fighter was visibly uncooperative about leaving the establishment and when threatened about the police being called to the scene, he responded by saying: "I don't have to go anywhere."

With tensions growing, Perry's eyes lit up with fury when the unidentified man, who he originally had an altercation with, claimed that he never touched the UFC fighter.

"Oh, you didn't touch me?" Perry said with a sarcastic yet infuriated tone. 

The American continued to insist that the unidentified man initiated the fight while a middle-aged man openly mocked the fighter. Perry didn't take kindly to his comments and told him: "Man, I'll knock your old a** out too - you old piece of s***."

The pair advanced towards each other but a right-handed swing from the UFC fighter reduced the citizen to the concrete, with the surrounding crowd gasping in horror. 

Following the second incident, Perry took a seat outside the restaurant and proceeded to tell the angered crowd: "Back the f*** up, call the police - I didn't do s***." According to reports from TMZ, the middle-aged man who sustained Perry's punch was still unconscious when police arrived at the Texas restaurant. 

As well as suffering a hefty blow from a trained fighter, the man also bashed his head on the solid concrete when falling to the ground, according to a witness. Furthermore, he was taken to the local hospital, where he claimed that he couldn't remember the incident and struggled with his memory. 

Upon arrival, the police spoke to Perry, who claimed he was trying to leave the restaurant when people started to confront him. The police ultimately decided against arresting the UFC fighter, who recently beat Mickey Gall at UFC Fight Night: Austin. 

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