Newcastle takeover 'proving complex'

Steve Bruce

Newcastle were brought back down to earth on Wednesday evening.

The Magpies have demolished both Sheffield United and Bournemouth since football restarted, while the thought of a £300m takeover is extremely tasty.

However, against Manchester City, they were on the end of a battering, losing 5-0 to Pep Guardiola's men.

In doing so, City showed the might and wealth of the Middle-East. 

The Citizens are owned by Sheikh Mansour, a man with plenty of riches to his name, someone whose side are currently valued at £953.69m.

Newcastle's, on the other hands, tallies a total of just £218.43m in comparison.

However, with the help of PIF, they could soon begin to get closer to that number at Man City. Though, whether the takeover does go through remains to be seen.

Bruce & Pep

Piracy has wreaked havoc with PIF's plans to buy the club and despite Richard Masters' remark that a resolution was close, we're now over a week on from that and we've seen absolutely zero progress.

If journalist Richard Nixon is to be believed, Saudi Arabia and the Premier League need to agree a TV deal, but it feels far more complicated than that.

Speaking during a Chronicle Live Q&A, reporter Mark Douglas offered the latest on the takeover, claiming that a rumour could be going around the football club that things are very close.

He said:

“There have been all sorts of rumours about this deal. Almost every other week the noise from one camp or another is that something is close, so it wouldn't surprise me if that is the rumour going around the football club. Piracy is the key issue now. And it's proving complex.”

Newcastle United

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

If Newcastle had a million pounds for every time someone said the takeover was close, they'd probably have Man City's squad worth. 

It feels like every few days someone suggests it's nearer to going through and that's what Douglas hints at.

Though, if anything is to finally happen, they'll have to get over this piracy issue.

The Premier League clearly haven't liked what they've seen from Saudi Arabia in the last few weeks and months and until PIF budge, proceedings will probably continue to stall. 


Nothing seems clear besides the fact Mike Ashley is almost certain to depart. For now, he is still in charge, something supporters are unlikely to be happy about.

For years now they've wanted to be rid of the businessman but each time it looks like he could leave, there is a sticking point. It really is unhealthy.

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