The 30 most overrated boxers in history have been named by fans (10-1)


10 – John Ruiz

9 – Hasim Rahman 

8 – Gerry Cooney

7 – Anthony Joshua

6 – Muhammad Ali 

5 – Joe Calzaghe 


Well, safe to say there’s going to be some tears sooner or later. Muhammad Ali finishes sixth in the list of the most overrated boxers of all time. Ali made a name for himself in 1964 as he caused a major upset by defeating Sonny Liston to be crowned the heavyweight champion at the age of 22. 

Across his career, Ali became more than a sportsman and was certainly a pioneer by demonstrating the political power an athlete possesses, and how they can be a force for change. However, his boxing ability is what fans debated. 


“Ali conquered more all-time greats than any other heavyweight.” the fan said. “It’s not every era that the top heavyweight has had one other truly great fighter to fight, Ali had three. These being Joe Frazier, George Forman and Sonny Liston, any one of who could’ve made a case for being the greatest heavyweight of all time.” 

While another fan claimed: “People talk about Mayweather running but when he did it against Foreman it was fine and dandy. This is boxing, not dancing with the stars.”

The current heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua has also found himself on this list. A general criticism which has circulated throughout AJ’s career is that he is somewhat of a bodybuilder rather than a nimble fighter. 

“All muscle, little substance,” one fan shared. “British fans seem to be blinded by having someone who is at the top of their division just because is British.”

The fan later added: “He has fought just one good fighter, that being Klitschko, and he was way past his prime.”


4 – James J. Jeffries

3 – Tyson Fury

2 – Deontay Wilder 

1 – Floyd Mayweather 


Now this will certainly divide opinion. Following a break, Tyson Fury completed one of the greatest sporting comebacks by becoming the heavyweight champion of the world once again. Nevertheless, despite being a two-time heavyweight champion and beating both Klitschko and Wilder in their own backyards, not everybody is convinced. 

“Most overrated heavyweight since Primo Carnera,” a fan said. “He was never in a great fight and never beat a great fighter. A poser who inspired more fear with his image that he was capable of handing out.” 


Fury’s recent opponent Wilder comes in second place. The American held the WBC heavyweight title for five years before surrendering the belt to the Gyspy King in February. Wilder, who is renowned for his unorthodox and erratic style, suffered heavy criticism from fans. 

“He chose his opponents and ducked the best in the heavyweight division.”

Lastly, it’s Floyd Mayweather who takes the top spot for the most overrated boxer of all time. Probably not his best achievement. ‘Money’ Mayweather finished his career unbeaten like Rocky Marciano but fans have claimed that he was incredibly careful in picking his fights to help maintain his unbeaten status. 

“Mayweather cherry-picked his fights. He dodged more fights than he did punches. He fought a total of 5 times between 2007-2012. That’s not the record of a true champion,” a fan said. 

“Boxer? More of an escape artist than anything and his own produced fights are simply a parade honouring him even for the punches he could have thrown,” another shared.

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