The 30 most overrated boxers in history have been named by fans (30-21)


Boxing is an interesting sport, isn’t it?

A sport where fans are constantly debating whether a particular fighter doesn’t attract the recognition he deserves, while they can claim that other fighters are criminally overhyped. 

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder managed to settle their differences earlier this year, and it’s fair to say that this fight put a full stop to that ongoing debate. But what about fighters from different decades and eras, how do they compare to fighters of the current generation?

Well, on this occasion – the fans have decided. 

Ranking from 30 to the number one overrated boxer of all time, the fans have had their say over at thetoptens. But undoubtedly, even though the fans have come to this conclusion, the placement of some of these boxers will spark an entirely new debate. 

So without further ado, here’s the 30-21 part of the rankings, and already some controversial picks appear.

30 – George Foreman 

29 – Lennox Lewis 

28 – Michael Spinks

27 – Leon Spinks 

26 – Tim Bradley

25 – Hector Camacho 

24 – Trevor Berbick 

23 – Evander Holyfield 


22 – Gennady Golovkin

21 – Miguel Cotto


Straight away some huge names have been thrown into the pot of overrated boxers.

According to fans at least, the names that have been suggested are fairly routine which provided little reasoning. Until you get to Evander Holyfield that is, where one fan provided a dissertation-styled explanation.

The self-confessed Mike Tyson fan recognised that his favourite fighter regressed in his ability due to his time in prison, and that he more or less handed the fight to Holyfield following the headbutt incident. 

He also shared: “I just feel Evander shouldn’t get much credit for the Tyson fight or the Foreman fight since George was like 40.”

Heavyweight greats such as Lennox Lewis and George Foreman also sneak onto the list, however, one fan shared an interesting opinion on the latter. 


“George Foreman is underrated. He beat Joe Frazier twice, both by knockout before the sixth round, and also beat Ken Norton in round two. He also won the world title at 45-years-old.” 

Nevertheless, the three boxers previously mentioned find themselves fairly high up on this list, with plenty of debates still to be had. 

You can see who makes 20-11 by clicking here.

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