The troubling aspects of Newcastle's takeover


Over three months ago PIF lodged a £300m bid to buy Newcastle United.

However, that money is still yet to appear in Mike Ashley's bank account.

In fact, the Prince Investment Fund's impact on the club hasn't even been allowed to happen. Somehow, we're still here all waiting for the Premier League and the Saudi's to come to an agreement.

A variety of issues have so far plagued the takeover, not least piracy where the Premier League's product has essentially been stolen from them.

With a TV deal on the cards, it looks as though the worst of that is out the way. 

Richard Masters suggested a resolution was close over a week ago but typically, there have been more delays. Whatever he meant by 'soon', it was clearly not in the next seven days.

It's a frustrating time to be part of the Toon Army, especially after their 5-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City. That showed just how much work is needed if and when the new owners arrive.


Piracy has been the most prominent issue when it's come to PIF passing the owners' and directors' test.

However, there have been other factors at play, certainly where human rights are concerned. That was confirmed by Chronicle reporter Mark Douglas.

He was replying to supporters on Twitter and issued the following update on his social media channel.

Douglas said; 

For once, it was nice to have a slight change of pace from the illegal broadcast passage of the deal. 

St James' Park

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

Saudi Arabia's human rights record may not be the greatest but you have to feel as though the Premier League and PIF need to come to an agreement soon.

Douglas has previously hinted that we might not hear an announcement until mid-July at the earliest but hopefully, recent deals agreed could boost the club's hopes of being taken over by the Saudi consortium.

The British government agreed earlier this week to give arms to Saudi Arabia again while KSA have recently introduced more IP measures - something that should have the Premier League taking notice.


With that in mind, it's clear attempts are being made by Saudi to improve the way they go about things. That's been evident in Mohammed Bin Salman's efforts to buy Newcastle anyway.

He wanted relations to improve between the two territories and ultimately, he could achieve that by running Newcastle in an efficient way.

Whether he gets the opportunity to do so, however, remains to be seen.

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