WWE news: 10 signings Vince McMahon absolutely must make


WWE don’t really have the best product in the world anymore.

It could be questioned as to whether they ever really did but still, it feels as though they have been outstripped in the ring.

Think of the likes of New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling; they regularly have bangers from bell-to-bell and have some of the best technical wrestlers in the world.

GIVEMESPORT has taken a look at the wrestlers out there who could potentially be signed and brought into the company’s roster, purely to help their in-ring product.

Of course, this could include the likes of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks but we’re sticking to solely realistic hires, here.

Take a look below!

Taya Valkyrie


Valkyrie is still signed to Impact Wrestling, while she has also worked with AAA.

She was the longest-reigning Knockouts champion during her time in the promotion, and has yet to become a proper star.

She worked with WWE in 2011 and is also married to John Morrison, the WWE superstar, and a move to Vince McMahon’s promotion would give her the opportunity to work on both the main roster and potentially in NXT.

She has the look of a genuine main event star and is also a superb, technical wrestler who could tear it up with the likes of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Minoru Suzuki


This might be a difficult one to pull off but Suzuki is legitimately incredible.

He is perhaps the hardest-hitting wrestler to work in NJPW in the modern era, and WWE have shown that they can snaffle away some of the best talents from the top promotion in Japan.

Think of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura; they would have an instant mega-star if they brought Suzuki into the company.

The language barrier doesn’t even come up, given that the best thing about the 52-year-old is the fact that he just looks like a truly terrifying figure.

That’s because he is, and he wouldn’t need to say a word in WWE.

He’d simply need to turn up, beat the living hell out of some people, and get as over as he can possibly be.

Chris Brookes


The British wrestler has been flying under the radar for too long.

Brookes was a star in PROGRESS in the UK, coming through the ranks to become a main-event talent.

He worked with Revolution Pro Wrestling, too, taking his tag team of CCK (Commonwealth Catch Kings) – where he worked with the likes of Kid Lykos, Travis Banks and Jonathan Gresham – to the highest possible heights.

He moved to Japan in 2019 to work with DDT Pro Wrestling and he is perhaps one of the best technical wrestlers on the independent scene.

He’s 6ft 4in, and his speed and agility belie just how tall and imposing he can be. Think of Chad Gable if he were a foot taller.

WWE are missing a trick if they leave him in DDT.

Kota Ibushi


Ibushi has been in WWE before.

He worked with the company throughout the Cruiserweight Classic, ultimately losing to TJ Perkins in the semi-final.

He could be a main event level star if he returned to the main roster – there isn’t another wrestler in the world who can ally genuinely emotional story telling to phenomenally superb high-flying grappling as Ibushi can.

He has had absolutely phenomenal matches with the likes of Kenny Omega in the past but just think of the big-match potential in the WWE.

Who wouldn’t want to see Ibushi v Roman Reigns? Exactly.

Aussie Open


The single best tag team in independent wrestling.

Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis are the archetypal big guy, little guy tag team but they are so, so, so much more than that.

The pair have been tearing it up in the likes of PROGRESS, Rev Pro and Fight Club Pro and moving them into NXT, or even to the main roster, would lead to a massive improvement in work rate.

They have all the talent in the world, and could put on bangers with the likes of Moustache Mountain, The New Day, and The Usos.

Cara Noir


PROGRESS has been a fertile breeding ground for WWE talent.

Cara Noir is known as the Black Swan of British wrestling and has been the Progress World Championship since January 2020.

He is an amazing, technically gifted wrestler who prizes story over athleticism but that is exactly the type of wrestler WWE needs.

Storytelling in WWE has kind of been forgotten in recent years; bringing Noir in would go some way to sorting that out.

Jonathan Gresham


Gresham is short.

That’s the only drawback.

He started working the independent scene in 2005 and is currently working with Ring of Honor.

But Gresham is a genuinely phenomenal professional wrestler; he has all the ability of the very best technical superstars in the company.

Yes, he’s 5ft 4in, but WWE really need to get over their height fetish and let Gresham become a star.

Dragon Lee


Dragon Lee is awesome.

A Mexican luchador who is still just 25, he has been tearing it up in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He teamed with Andrade in Los Ingobernables, back when the now-WWE superstar was still working in Japan, and could become a genuine main roster sensation in America’s biggest company.

Rey Mysterio is ageing and there aren’t too many like him in the wrestling world; Dragon Lee could be his natural successor.

Matt Sydal


Sydal was in WWE before, working as Evan Bourne.

You may remember him from that absolutely awesome RKO when Randy Orton caught him midway through a back flip.

Sydal has worked with the likes of Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Evolve, and New Japan Pro Wrestling and was most recently seen in Impact.

Sydal is a naturally-gifted superstar and a genuine athlete – he has incredible aerial ability and is just as good as the best high flyers in WWE.

Bringing him back, potentially as an enhancement talent in NXT, would be a great move.

CM Punk


Okay, okay, give us one unrealistic one.

Punk is the absolute best.

He may have flopped in the UFC but he showed, repeatedly, that he might well be the very best professional wrestler of the modern era.

Just imagine the scene: There have been 29 entrants into the Royal Rumble. The countdown ends for No.30, and we hear the first strings of Cult of Personality. The pop might well break the space-time continuum clean in half.

Not only that, but it would open the door to so many dream matches against the likes of AJ Styles, Andrade, Matt Riddle, Pete Dunne, and Adam Cole.

Just imagine it. And stop salivating.

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