Newcastle given boost in PIF takeover

Saudi Arabia

Friday is upon us and another week is nearly done in Newcastle's ongoing takeover saga.

Rather unsurprisingly, though, we're yet to receive too much clarity on if and when the Prince Investment Fund can formally buy the club.

Various issues have wreaked havoc with Mohammed Bin Salman's attempts to purchase a stake in the Magpies and as a result, things look far from certain from going through. 

Journalist Mark Douglas revealed on the latest episode of the Everything is Black & White podcast that we may have to wait until the middle or end of July for things to officially be completed.

Unfortunately, that's another two to three weeks of potential uncertainty and doubt surrounding the takeover. 

It seems barbaric to think that we're now three months into proceedings, and despite Richard Masters' claims that things were close, that is far from the case.

However, good news emerged on Thursday from Saudi Arabia. 


In what Chronicle Live journalist Andrew Musgrove described as "it's biggest move yet", Saudi Arabia are making progress in sorting out the piracy issues that have plagued their efforts to invest in English football.

This week, King Salaman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud agreed to pass more measures regarding the protection of intellectual property. 

This, it has been noted, is to improve relations with other countries.

In this case, the Premier League will need to take note - it's clear Saudi Arabia are trying to improve the way they go about doing things.

St James' Park

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

Piracy has been the primary reason behind the stalling of Newcastle's takeover and finally, it looks as though Saudi are trying to erect things. 

It was revealed a few weeks ago that the Premier League and KSA were trying to agree a TV deal. We don't know whether a solution for that has been found but this new memorandum should be a huge plus point to every single party. 

It really feels like both the British and Saudi governments are making moves to improve their relationship.

United against Ashley

British MPs agreed to begin selling arms to Saudi again earlier this week before their new IP measures were passed later in the week.

Although the House of Commons thinks it would be humiliating if PIF passed the top-flight's owners' and directors' test, you can't argue against Saudi's attempts to make things better.

The right measures are at last being put in place. Only time will tell whether they're good enough for the Premier League's top dogs.

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