Manchester United: 8 things you might now know about Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes was voted the Premier League Player of the Month

Bruno Fernandes is currently taking the Premier League by storm.

Since arriving at Manchester United back in January, the elegant playmaker has taken everything in his stride, establishing himself as one of the best players in the division.

Most who arrive on English shores take a significant amount of time to adjust, but not Fernandes.

So to celebrate the Premier League's latest Portuguese superstar, here are eight things you may not have known about the 25-year-old.

1. He's the first Man Utd player to win back-to-back Premier League POTM awards since Cristiano Ronaldo

Following in the footsteps of his countryman and a United legend.

Fernandes has contributed to 13 goals in his first 10 Premier League games with the Red Devils, scoring seven times and assisting five more.

We get the feeling he'll be winning a lot more Player of the Month awards and other individual accolades during his time at Old Trafford.

Fernandes with his POTM award

2. He contributed to 50 goals in 2018/19 with Sporting Lisbon - a European record

Fans of the Premier League have witnessed Fernandes' brilliance in terms of goals and assists first-hand since his arrival on English shores.

But few will be aware of just how good he was in 2018/19. In 53 games in all competitions, he scored 32 goals and assisted a further 18.

It's the highest scoring season by a midfielder in European history, surpassing the record set by Brazilian star Alex at Fenerbahce in 2010/11.

3. Until the age of 15, he played as a defender

It could have been all so different for Fernandes, until a pivotal moment in his teenage years when he was loaned to Pasteleira from Boavista.

“At the time, we were evaluating players – where they could produce more; which positions they should be playing – as we do at the start of every season,” Pasteleira coach Antonio Peres told FourFourTwo. “If we’d had a No.10 in our team, maybe he wouldn’t have moved forward on the pitch. But we didn’t, and he took his chance.

"He was an instant hit – he scored in almost every game. As a captain, Bruno set the bar very high for others. He was always working on his own after training, taking free-kicks, doing shooting drills.”

4. He has a SERIOUS temper on him

All the great players have a fiery side to them and Fernandes is no different.

After being sent off against his former club Boavista back in September, Fernandes had a bit of a meltdown, with CCTV footage capturing him shouting: “F**K you! Go f**k yourselves!”

The whole incident was broadcast on national TV out in Portugal as well...

5. He once ripped up his contract at Sporting Lisbon after being attacked by fans

When Sporting failed to qualify for the Champions League in 2018, a group of 50 Ultras broke into the team's training ground and attacked the squad with fists and weapons.

Fernandes and several other players ripped up their contracts, with clubs all over Europe desperate to sign the midfielder.

In the end, he re-signed with Sporting, doubling his salary in the process.

6. Antonio Di Natale once said he 'drifts through games'

Fernandes spent three seasons with Udinese, where he often flattered to deceive.

In fact, club legend Di Natale gave him a very public dressing down, saying: “He irritates me, because he’s very young and has more ability than any of us – he’s got two incredible feet – but sometimes he drifts through games.”

Safe to say Fernandes took the Italian's criticism on board, because he certainly doesn't drift through games anymore.

7. His tattoo of a 'number 8' is a tribute to his father

It's hard to miss Fernandes' tattoo on his right arm of the number eight and it's a homage to the digit his father wore during his short footballing career.

The tattoo also has an emotional tie to Fernandes himself, because he was born on the 8th of September 1994.

He also donned the number during his days at Sporting Lisbon, but the shirt is currently occupied by Juan Mata at United. Nevertheless, it's still Fernandes' lucky charm.

Fernandes' tattoo

8. He married his high-school sweetheart

Fernandes and his wife, Ana Pinho, met when they were just 16 and she has played a crucial role in his professional career.

When the Portuguese star first flew out to Italy to join Novara in 2012, Pinho moved with him shortly after to help him cope with homesickness.

They got married in 2015, have one daughter, Matilde, who was born back in January 2017 and are currently expecting a second child.

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