The feeling from Saudi Arabia on Newcastle's takeover


As Newcastle gear up for their clash with Watford at Saturday lunchtime, they will still have the remarkably long takeover saga lingering over their heads.

Will Steve Bruce remain in charge if PIF walk through the door? How many of this squad will still be at the club next season? There are plenty of questions that need answering.

However, the biggest one of all, is when will the takeover actually be completed? That's if it still goes through.

Mohammed Bin Salman has been at the front and centre of the Saudi Arabian Prince Investment Fund's ploy to buy the Magpies but because of various reasons, things haven't been concluded.

Piracy and human rights have delayed the takeover considerably and now it might not even happen until the middle or end of July.

Those were the words of Chronicle Live journalist Mark Douglas this week.

It's baffling to think the process has taken this long but the Premier League are seemingly doing everything they can to make more money from the Middle East. 

Saudi flags

PIF have been required to pass an owners' and directors' test that the Premier League carry out with all new prospective buyers but they are still yet to come through that.

Richard Masters suggested a resolution was close to being discovered in regards to piracy, as British MPs claimed it would be humiliating if they were allowed to invest in Newcastle.

Saudi members of parliament are also frustrated by the current events, but according to one journalist, their people certainly aren't.

Speaking to Steve Wraith on NUFC Matters, The Shield's Gazette journalist Liam Kennedy had the following to say on how Saudi Arabia were currently feeling:

"At the moment I'm speaking to a lot of people in Saudi Arabia and just trying to get that sense of what their feeling is and what they feel towards their own regime is interesting. A lot of younger people in the area have even reached out to me see the things I've written, to see the things I've been talking about that may give a little bit more of a positive slant on things. Now I'm not saying everything is right, it isn't. There's a lot of things that fly in the face of our culture which go on over there." 

Kennedy added: "There's a whole nation over there that are dying to get stuck into Newcastle United. They're getting Newcastle tops, they're excited. They can't believe their country is buying in the English Premier League, something they've been watching illegally and until very recently, very illegally through beIN sports. I know people who have the boxes and pay subscriptions but they're not really allowed to do it. They don't clamp down because beIN know themselves they can't provide that service."

St James'

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

After being told about the feeling from Saudi MPs last week, it's incredibly interesting to see just how excited the public are in the Middle-East.

Like die-hard Newcastle supporters, they are eagerly awaiting the departure of Mike Ashley, willing PIF on in their pursuit of a stake in the Magpies.

Whatever the feeling towards Saudi's piracy and human rights record, passing the takeover would surely suit all parties.


It would provide Newcastle and the Premier League with more money, while it would also give KSA the opportunity to improve their relations with the British government.

Already we've seen positive steps this week in doing so. MPs have allowed Saudi to buy weapons from them again while new measures have been put in place to protect IP. 

It's been over three months now but it does look like a takeover is getting closer.

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