Richard Masters could be seen as a hero in Newcastle takeover

Premier League

Football finally took priority on Saturday when Newcastle took on Watford.

The Magpies were hoping to bounce back from their demolition against Manchester City, but lingering still in the background was their proposed takeover.

For 16 weeks now we've been waiting for PIF to walk through the door but numerous delays have got in the way.

Primarily, piracy and the illegal broadcasts of top-flight football from beIN Sports has been the most troubling aspects.

Saudi Arabia's poor human rights record has also been a cause for concern.

Though, a solution is close according to Premier League chief Richard Masters.

He suggested to the House of Commons that things were being worked on a week and a half ago but nothing too substantial has happened since he said that.


The takeover has become all about money. The top-flight want a TV deal and in some ways, it's understandable given their product has been stolen from them by beIN.

However, talking about Masters, a person who has been rather outspoken and fielded numerous questions during the takeover, Liam Kennedy had some rather choice words for him.

Kennedy is a journalist for The Shield's Gazette and was talking to Steve Wraith on NUFC Matters earlier this week. He made the following claim:

"I think purely the Premier League are just looking after their members and wanting to squeeze as much money as possible. And I think Richard Masters is probably in some ways being seen and held up as a hero by the Premier League. Let's remember he wasn't the first, second or third choice to become the chief there in the Premier League. It was because two people turned the job down before he even got in, so I think he could come out of this positively because he manages to fix and end a years-long problem of piracy in Saudi Arabia." 

Saudi Arabia

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

It's absolutely baffling that this is now a year-long problem.

The Premier League first lobbied the UK government to investigate Saudi's piracy issue 12 months ago and the very fact that nothing has really been done until this point is bewildering.

What if Mohammed Bin Salman hadn't lodged a bid to buy Newcastle? Would things have continued? Quite possibly.

It's contradictory to suggest the top-flight are the bad guys in this saga when you consider the House of Commons could have done something before PIF even arrived on the scene.

Ashley out

Fortunately for Masters, it looks as though a resolution is slowly being discovered.

Saudi Arabia announced new measures to protect IP this week, a step certainly made in the right direction. 

Masters is nearing the hero status that Kennedy talks about here and he'd certainly earn widespread appraisal from the Toon Army if he finally passes the takeover.

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