UFC 251 news: Fans were begging referee to stop Jose Aldo vs Petr Yan


UFC 251 is now in the record books and next to it, it will confirm that Jose Aldo lost to Petr Yan.

After taking a series of punishing blows whilst on the mat, Aldo was finally put out of his misery in the fifth round, but it didn't stop soon enough according to A LOT of UFC fans, who were basically pleading with the referee to call off the fight.

The Brazilian was looking to get back to winning ways after back-to-back defeats at the hands and feet of Alexander Volkanovski and Marlon Moraes, both fights that were decided by the judges, but this time around his time inside the cage was a tad shorter.

As for Yan, he was looking to continue his impressive streak, and he did so by punishing his opponent.

Yan now has a professional record of 15-1, with seven of those wins coming in UFC and coming in a row, making him one of the most in-form fighters.

Despite winning convincingly, a lot of the post-fight chat has been about the referee and why he didn't bring an end to proceedings a bit earlier.

You can watch a couple of clips from the fight below, and just from those alone you can see that Aldo was barely able to defend himself.

Fortunately for Aldo, the end did eventually come for him, but sadly it's yet another loss for the Brazilian, who will be wondering what is next in his UFC career.

At 33 years old, it could be time to start considering the dreaded R word, especially if his last three fights are anything to go by.

It wasn't long after the fight that Aldo and the unforgiving referee turned into a meme, as can be seen in the below section of tweets.

Not only was it a meme, but it was a cry out so powerful that the words 'STOP THE FIGHT' even started to trend.

It's a good point... just how bad does a referee have to be to see that start trending on Twitter?!

Let's hope Aldo can make a swift recovery from the heavy punishment he received, but we must also congratulate Yan on his impressive victory.

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