Eddie Hall releases a tour of his insane new mansion

eddie hall

We all know Eddie Hall as a strongman and one of Britain's strongest men, but while he's not Britain's richest, he's certainly very well off.

Until a couple of months ago, Hall held the world record for the heaviest deadlift for lifting an incredible 500kg. Since then, Hafthor Bjornsson, best known as 'The Mountain', broke that record by lifting just 1kg more, which has caused a great deal of tension between the two giants.

During lockdown, however, Hall has been doing a great deal more than just preparing for a fight against his strongman rival. 

A couple of days ago, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, showcasing his new house to the public. It is quite something.

Hall explains at the beginning: "I'm really happy with the house. It's a nice big house, built in 1988 and the guy who owned it built houses for a living.

"Everything has been done to the highest standard. Literally the highest standard I've ever seen a house done before.

"Even the brick walls on the front here are double bricked."


He reveals that the total size of the property is just under an acre, completely surrounded by a six foot tall spiked fence. Hall also explains his plans to convert the attic into a fourth storey, just in case there isn't enough room already.

Moving into the entrance of the house, Hall explains that the carpet on the middle floor, stairs, and the top floor cost around £20,000. Just to give you an idea of how expensive this house was.

The bulk of the video takes you through a huge variety of rooms, starting in the kids' gaming room, to the sizeable living room, a conservatory which is currently entirely for their pet rabbit, and an absolutely ginormous kitchen.

Throughout the video, 'The Beast' explains that he's in the process of pretty much ripping everything out, and replacing it with more modern features, because at the moment, the house has a very 80s vibe to it. 


Moving into the garden, Hall shows us his wife's business, which has been put into a converted shed, in which she'll offer hair treatments for bald people once lockdown is over. 

Eddie also shows off an incredible swimming pool, which measures in at seven metres long and has controllable currents. He also explains that he's planning to build a full-on spa.

Hall then takes us down into the basement, which is where the real stuff happens.

Down there, the rooms include a fully kitted private gym, and he also has plans to add a cardio room full of treadmills, a physio bed, and a cryotherapy machine.

Towards the end of the video, Eddie explains that he thinks the entire project will take him about two years to complete. While this might seem like a long time, he also has plans to add a walk-in fridge and potentially even an elevator, due to the amount of floors the house will have by the end.

He never reveals the price he paid for the house, but it sounds like he's going to spend a huge amount on the renovations, enough to make anyone's wallet shiver.

It'll be fascinating to watch 'The Beast' document his work on this incredible house, but it's definitely a project for the long haul. 

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