Black and red PlayStation 5 model potentially leaked in marketing pamphlet


We don’t have that much longer to wait until we can finally get our hands on the PlayStation 5.

However, a recent leak has suggested that we might get more choice than we anticipated when it comes to how the console will look.

The white, black and blue model of the PS5 has been pretty controversial, with some people loving the design, and others comparing it to internet routers and radiators.

Most people’s problems weren’t with the console’s colour scheme, but with its general appearance, so while this might not be the news everyone wanted, it might make some fans feel better.

Originally leaked on ResetEra, a Sony marketing poster seems to reveal the PS5 in a sleek new black and red skin, as well as having a black and red controller along with it.

The person who posted the image claims that it’s a promotional image which has been sent to retailers and their employees ahead of the release of the console. This often happens before big releases so that the stores and the people know what they’re selling and what to expect. 

Despite the pamphlet looking entirely official and professional, there is, of course, every chance that this is fake. You might ask why someone would go to such lengths to fake a model that will never exist, but this is the internet, and people are weird.


There’s also a chance that the pamphlet was created by someone with no knowledge of the console, who simply photoshopped the PS5 so that it fit in with the black and red theme of the poster. We really have no way of knowing whether this is real or not until the console releases, so until then, you’ll have to decide what you believe. 

Real or not, we have had confirmation from PlayStation’s vice-president of UX design Matt MacLaurin that there will be special editions of the console, so perhaps we’ll be able to get our hands on this variant one way or another. 

GiveMeSport’s Dan Hedley says…

A black and red PS5 would be an awesome option for customers to have.

I think it looks much better than the original white model, and it also fits with the family of PlayStation consoles that have come before, as they have all been black.

Unfortunately, though, I’m not sure how much I believe that the pamphlet is accurate, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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