YouTuber attempts to recreate some of football's most difficult saves


Professional goalkeepers make a very complex job look easier than it is.

How many saves do you realistically pull off down the park? We’re betting not many.

But pro ‘keepers can make 10 saves every game and keep their side in a match.

“Goalkeeping is just different,” Asmir Begovic told Bleacher Report.

“Everyone says we’re crazy or something, but it’s more a case of us working under a different pressure, thinking about the game differently.”


Just how difficult do they have it?

YouTuber Kieran Brown attempted to portray just how hard it is to be a goalkeeper by recreating some of the most challenging saves in football history.

Kieran tries to copy a wide variety of saves, including David Seaman’s famous stop for Arsenal against Sheffield United in 2003.

You’ll have an increased appreciation for goalkeepers…

What instantly becomes clear is just how difficult it is to be a goalkeeper.

It’s a position that requires so many attributes, including speed, agility and sound technique.

Reflexes, too, are key, with Begovic explaining some of the drills ‘keepers use to enhance their skills.

“Reflexes are something you can really train; it’s a developed skill that you can work on,” the ‘keeper, currently on loan at AC Milan, added.

“Reacting to footballs from close distance is a simple way of training, but you can also work with colours, sharp movements and reaction lights.

“You get tennis balls, ping-pong balls, all these different things being fired at you at a quick pace. There are different machines and technology for it, too.”


Goalkeepers are very often the topic of widespread criticism when a result doesn’t go the right way because they’re an easy target.

It’s easy to overlook a midfielder’s dodgy touch or striker’s near miss when the ‘keeper has produced a howler in the last minute.

But maybe they all deserve a bit more respect becomes nobody has it harder.

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