Manchester United fan bet £55,000 inheritance on Liverpool to win the Premier League


Most Manchester United fans haven’t enjoyed watching Liverpool cruise to the Premier League title this season.

But for one United follower, it meant a £91,000 windfall.

Tony Ward, 53, staked an eye-watering £55,000 on Liverpool to win the title back in October at odds of 4/6.

Liverpool’s success, sealed after Manchester City draw with Chelsea last month, means Mr Ward is now £36,000 richer.

Mr Ward bet the inheritance money he received after his mother Rose passed away in 2017.

And despite his allegiance to United, seeing Liverpool open up a lead last year was just too tempting for him.

“Liverpool were always looking like they could win the title. I picked them after a long, long debate,” he said, per the Daily Mail.

“It was a two-horse race between them and Manchester City, as far as I was concerned.

“I’m an armchair supporter, really - I've actually been fan of Manchester United since I was a kid!

“[Mum] wouldn't have minded what I did with the money - not at all. She liked a flutter! She liked the horses.

“But I'd give it all back to still have her around. I cherished her.”

It must have been excruciating for Mr Ward as Liverpool’s wait to win the title was put on hold due to the coronavirus suspension.

He even feared his bet being void if the remaining matches were cancelled.

“I would have got my stake back, I think, if the season had been cancelled,” he added.

“But that would have been unfair. Liverpool were that far clear. They only needed six points.

“They had to play Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the two games after [the bet was placed].

“I thought that if they could get through them I was going to win.”

With Man United enjoying a terrific 2020, perhaps Mr Ward might feel confident backing his own team next season.

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