WWE news: The Undertaker names strangest storyline from his iconic wrestling career

The Undertaker has named his strangest WWE storyline

It appears The Undertaker is all but retired from WWE.

The Deadman confirmed on his 'Last Ride' documentary that he'll only wrestle one more match if Vince McMahon really needs him.

Of course, this could be a ruse and he could well perform for the final time at WrestleMania 37 - in front of a live crowd - getting the send-off he really deserves next year. 

We just don't know. WWE do seem to be pushing the narrative that Undertaker is done though, having paid tribute to him on SmackDown a couple of weeks ago.

Plenty of fans have been reminiscing about his iconic career too, naming their top moments and favourite matches while using #ThankYouTaker on social media.  

But what about remembering the strangest moment of Undertaker's WWE run? That's something the man himself has been doing. 

During an interview with Nine Line Apparel on Instagram Live, Mark Calaway named The Ministry of Darkness storyline with Stephanie McMahon as his most bizarre. 

Undertaker's strangest storyline involved Stephanie McMahon

"I think probably trying to kidnap Stephanie and marry Stephanie and all that that I did," Undertaker said. 

"That was 'out there' when I started putting Stephanie on my symbol."

Out there is certainly one way of putting it. 

If you're not familiar with the angle, it involved the Ministry of Darkness - led by The Undertaker - abducting Stephanie during an episode of RAW.

Stephanie was released by Stone Cold

The group tied her to a crucifix and carried her into the ring before trying to force McMahon to marry The Deadman against her will.

Ken Shamrock, The Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin soon intervened, fighting off the Ministry and saving Stephanie from a life with the Satanic group. 

Stone Cold set Stephanie free

Pretty crazy, right? We've got to agree with Undertaker... that storyline is certainly up there with his strangest. 

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