Clive Tyldesley says he's 'annoyed and baffled' after being replaced as ITV's lead commentator


Football commentator Clive Tyldesley says he is “upset, annoyed and baffled” by ITV’s decision to replace him in the lead role after 22 years.

Tyldesley has lent his voice to a host of historic matches over the years, including 17 Champions League finals and major international fixtures.

But the 65-year-old will be replaced as ITV’s main commentator by Sam Matterface from the start of next season.

In an honest video posted on his social media channels, Tyldesley expressed his disappointment and denied rumours that he’s been sacked or let go for doing something wrong.

The video has gone viral and Tyldesley has received plenty of support from fans and fellow media members.


“If you haven't seen the announcement, I am being replaced as ITV's senior football commentator,” Tyldesley says.

“Quite a few people have been in touch with me, asking me to react, to comment, um, I'm not sure that would be a very good idea at the moment. 

“I was told about three weeks ago so I have had some time to get my head around the decision but I haven't got my head around it.

“To be clear this is ITV's decision, not mine.

“I’m upset, annoyed, baffled... I would have been interested in commentating on the Euro 2020 final for them less than 48 hours ago but now I won't be commentating on any of the big England games over the coming year and I'm going to miss them, I love this job, and it has gone.

“Why? I don't know. I do not know exactly why this decision has been taken, already I've got the producer of a broadcast I am working on asking if I've got any health issues. No! I've got no health issues.

“Asking me if it is something that I have done... no there's nothing.

“I gather one or two sites are reporting that I've been sacked. Well, I guess I have from one job but I've done nothing wrong.”

GIVEMESPORT's Scott Wilson says:

It's an almighty shame.

Tyldesley is a great commentator and it will be strange to watch England internationals without him.

It seems, by Tyldesley's account, that ITV have treated him rather harshly by replacing him as their lead commentator without any consultancy.

Fans have since started sharing some of Tyldesley's finest commentary moments on Twitter. They're worth checking out if you want to listen to a master of his craft.

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