WWE news: Top 10 craziest rules WWE stars have to follow

WWE Superstars must follow rules. Credit: WWE

Every workplace has rules to follow and WWE is no different. 

Just because wrestlers beat the living hell out of each other on a nightly basis inside the ring, that doesn't mean they can do what they like outside of it.

In fact, the rules that WWE Superstars must follow are rather strict.

After all, they don't just represent themselves, they represent one of the biggest brands on Earth. 

Most regulations are pretty obvious and ordinary, but there are a few we could call rather bizarre. 

With that in mind, WatchMojo have ranked the 'top 10 crazy rules WWE Superstars are forced to follow'. Check them out below: 

10. Always pack the briefcase

Winning Money in the Bank is a big deal. It will lead to increased opportunities on the main roster, after all. 

Winning MITB is important. Credit: WWE

But holding the briefcase can be seen as a chore. While title holders aren't expected to carry their belts everywhere they go, MitB winners are expected to keep the briefcase on them at all times.  

That includes while travelling from town to town and show to show and many have even been pictured carrying Money in the Bank through the airport.

9. Entitlement to fringe benefits

WWE stars can make money in a variety of ways. Along with a basic salary, talent can be paid for public appearances, promotional work or for their own merchandise.

WWE stars do public appearances. Credit: WWE

Some do get unlucky though and if promotional work is written into their contact, it's unlikely they would get paid for appearances. Brutal. 

8. Diving your own car

Most WWE wrestlers are employed as independent contractors and therefore, are not covered by basic employee rights. 

Their transportation isn't usually provided by the company and they have to drive from town to town in their own car, or one they have rented. 

WWE stars need their own car. Credit: WWE

7. Heels and babyfaces don't usually mix 

This is one that has been relaxed over the years. Since kayfabe has become less important, WWE stars are less inclined to protect their gimmick.

Still, heels and babyfaces don't always travel together - as confirmed by WWE Ride Along, where heels usually share cars with heels and faces usually drive with other faces. 

For a long time, heels and babyfaces used to travel on completely separate tour busses. Madness!

Superstars travel together regularly. Credit: WWE

6. No ad-libbing promos

Back in the day, WWE was like the wild west. Most performers were trusted to script their own promos - or go off completely. Just think of The Rock or Stone Cold.

Things have changed now. Creative controls much of the promo and although some stars are involved in the process of scripting, they will rarely - if ever - get to go off like the old days. 

Promos are scripted these days. Credit: WWE

5. Stay on brand

This one goes without saying. With so many big promotions battling for supremacy, WWE stars must stay on brand. 

That means they can't visit rival promotions, or give approval to any other shows. The rule, of course, is relaxed for some - like NXT UK stars. 

But in the world of WWE, it's best to pretend rivals don't exist. 

Always stay on brand in WWE. Credit: WWE

4. Stay in your lane

WWE has always had a hierarchy. Some jobbers will never be more than that, while others are destined to be top guys.

Behind the curtain, this is reflected too, with certain lower-level talent using different locker rooms to the big stars. 

Locker room politics is still a thing to this day, although it's certainly not as bad as it used to be. 

Backstage politics isn't as bad as it used to be in WWE. Credit: WWE

3. Some words are banned

This rule has been relaxed in recent years. But there are still words to use - and avoid using. 

Pronouns are unacceptable - commentators always use the names of those performing. Those in the ring are 'Superstars' not 'wrestlers' and you better ask for a title match... not a title shot! 

Insider terms are banned from the get-go too. There are no marks or smarks in McMahon's world, we're all just part of the WWE Universe. 

Make sure you use the correct language in WWE. Credit: WWE

2. Dress for success

While wrestlers have a lot of control over their in-ring gear, WWE actually has a very strict dress code to follow outside of the ring. 

At public appearances, talent must dress smart to retain the company's prestigious brand reputation. 

Male stars are expected to wear suits during their public appearances, but all talent are allowed to wear athletic clothing while travelling from town to town. 

Dress for success in WWE. Credit: WWE

1. No sneezing 

It's perhaps the most famous of Vince McMahon's quirks. DO NOT sneeze in front of the boss. 

Vince is notoriously hands-on and likes to be in control at all times. Therefore sneezing - something you can't control - is a sign of weakness to him. 

McMahon especially hates it when he's caught in a fit - but employees have been known to hold in a sneeze if they're around the boss. Crazy. 

Vince does not like sneezing. Credit: WWE

So there we have it, 10 of the craziest rules in WWE. But as long as you have your own car, dress smartly and never sneeze in front of Vince, you'll probably do okay. 

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