Richard Keys reveals why Newcastle's takeover will go through

Newcastle United

Newcastle have been waiting for over three months now for an answer.

Will Saudi Arabia be granted the privilege of owning the Magpies, or will the controversial Mike Ashley still be in charge?

It’s thought that the Sports Director owner will leave the club regardless of whether it’s PIF who walk through the door, but when he eventually leaves is unknown. 

For weeks now it’s been suggested that the takeover is on the verge of going through but we haven’t really been able to take anything as gospel. 

Mark Douglas seems to insist things won’t be wrapped until the middle of July at the earliest, citing that if things drag on even further we may not get an announcement until the start of August.

It’s baffling just how long this saga has dragged out for, but we could finally be reaching it’s conclusion if another source is anything to go by.

Richard Keys claimed at the start of the current week that everything would be finished by Friday. Surprising news given what we’ve previously heard but the Toon Army will clearly take that.


However, Keys also revealed the reasoning behind why the takeover will go through as soon as Friday.

Writing in his personal blog, the beIN Sports presenter said:

“It’ll happen not because the Saudi’s are ‘fit and proper’. There is no formula by which they, collectively or individually, pass any of the PL’s tests in that respect. No, it’ll happen because the British Govt want it to. It’ll happen because Arms deals will boost the British economy and the Saudi’s have doubtless promised to finance a bit of UK infrastructure.”


GIVEMESPORT’S Matt Dawson says…

The British government have seemingly turned the tide on the Newcastle takeover saga.

The fact they’d handed things over to the Premier League meant they were quite happy to oversee things from a distance but it’s their activity that, ultimately, looks as though could be game-changing in Ashley’s departure.

One MP stated two weeks when Richard Masters was grilled that it would be humiliating if PIF passed the owners’ and directors’ test.


As Key’s mentions, their manners are not fit and proper. They’ve been at the centre of Premier League piracy while their human rights record speaks for itself.

However, the battle of money now looks to be reaching its end. 

Saudi are trading arms with the UK again while their new intellectual property measures appear to have sped things along. This is all good news for the Toon Army.

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