The 16 greatest British football commentators of all time after ITV replace Clive Tyldesley


On Tuesday morning, Clive Tyldesley couldn’t hide his anger as he revealed he’d been replaced as ITV’s main commentator.

Tyldesley looked and sounded furious in a video that explained the TV broadcaster had dropped him in favour of the younger Sam Matterface.

Football fans responded in anger and disbelief as they couldn’t believe one of the greatest commentators Britain has ever heard was being substituted.

It led to numerous other commentators trending on Twitter as fans compared the sounds of other men and women in the industry.

And it got us thinking: Who is the greatest British football commentator of all time?

Well, we’ve identified who we think are the 16 most well-known commentators in British football history and ranked them from worst to best. We’ve shared a clip of each of them in action to help you identify each of them.

16. Alan Parry

We’re sorry but we just think Parry is a bit too opinionated to be a commentator, often harshly criticising players. He currently works for Sky Sports but is rarely heard doing Premier League matches these days.

15. Alistair Mann

Mann has a very distinctive voice and has worked on BBC television since 2006. He’s also heard on BT Sport since 2013.

14. Jonathan Pearce

Probably better known as the voice of Robot Wars, some consider Pearce to be one of the greatest. But like Parry, we feel he’s just a bit opinionated. And who can forget that time he couldn’t understand goal-line technology…

13. Jim Rosenthal

An old school voice of ITV and also a very decent presenter.

12. Darren Fletcher

BT Sport’s main commentator for the last few years is one of the best around right now. He’s synonymous with Champions League football in England.

11. Jon Champion

Champion has been there and done it. A proper commentator legend but he just lacks those memorable moments that some of the others further down the list have produced.

10. Guy Mowbray

Such a familiar voice on Match of the Day and during major international tournaments on BBC.

9. Martin Tyler

Some say he’s the greatest. Some can’t stand him. Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny that ‘AGUEROOOO’ piece of commentary is probably the best the Premier League has ever heard.

8. John Motson

Another commentator that some may say deserves to be much higher - maybe even No.1. But we feel Motson lost his magic in his latter years and fell out of touch with the modern game. The way he all too often shouted 'OH' in surprise slightly grated on us. We still love you, Motty.

7. Mike Ingham

The job of a radio commentator is so much tougher than a TV commentator because you really have to paint the picture. Mike Ingham did that brilliantly on BBC Radio 5 Live from 1977–2014.

6. Alan Green

Probably BBC 5 Live’s most famous commentator. Doesn’t his voice just take you back to your childhood and listening to the football on the radio because Sky didn’t exist?

5. Peter Brackley

The late, great Peter Brackley. Those who watched Italian football - or played Pro Evolution Soccer - will be very familiar with Brackley’s incredible voice.

4. Clive Tyldesley

We already miss you, Clive. Check out the video of some of his highlights and ask yourself why on earth ITV are replacing him...

3. Peter Drury

The poet of football commentary. Probably the best commentator out there right now. Some of his goal commentaries are just spine-tingling.

2. Kenneth Wolstenholme

You may not know the name but you definitely know the voice.

He was so much more than just his most famous line: "They think it's all over, it is now!"

1. Brian Moore

“It’s up for grabs now!”

The best there has ever been. No doubt about it.

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