Newcastle takeover could be nearing a conclusion

Steve Bruce

Remarkably Newcastle's takeover saga has now reached its 17th week.

It feels like an age ago when Mohammed Bin Salman first registered his interest and then submitted a bid to buy a stake in the Magpies.

Numerous delays have been thrown on their ploys to invest and consequently, we're still waiting for some form of decision.

Journalist Mark Douglas has suggested we may have to wait until late July-August for a formal announcement but things do finally look to be in the closing stages.

Richard Masters claimed a resolution is close two weeks ago while beIN Sports presenter Richard Keys surprisingly revealed it would be all wrapped up by Friday.

He noted that the British government wanted it to go through but there was yet another twist in the tale on Tuesday afternoon.

Once again beIN were right at the centre of it, being fined a considerable sum of money.


Saudi Arabia cancelled their license of beIN Sports and in the process, were slapped with a considerable fine of 10 million riyals (£2.1m). 

This comes in the midst of piracy claims against the broadcaster who were showing Premier League matches illegally. Though, it appears as though they won't even be able to provide coverage of matches legally in Saudi anymore.

The move has left beIN shocked but despite that, there is fresh believe the takeover will go through.

While the news came out about the Saudi's and beIN, Craig Hope detailed the following on his Twitter account: 

If you thought things were confusing before all of this, think again - the takeover could be about to get even more complex.


GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

What a perplexing saga this is turning out to be.

One moment, it looks as though Saudi has everything in check but the next, more controversy arrives.

Only last week KSA made efforts to introduce new measures to protect intellectual property, something that should have had the Premier League standing up and taking notice.


The battle against piracy has been a fierce one but even though Saudi have now ditched beIN Sports, it's the exact opposite of what they should be doing - that's according to investigative journalist Matt Slater.

He suggested that this wasn't what was required for the Saudi's to wrap up a deal, providing Newcastle with a further setback.

Though, as Hope tells us, there is still confidence from the Premier League that sooner rather than later, they'll pass the takeover and PIF can take charge of the club.

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