Brilliant video celebrating Liverpool's Premier League win has gone viral


It’s been almost three weeks but it still probably hasn’t sunk in for Liverpool fans that they’re Premier League champions.

The Reds had waited 30 years since their last league title and had experienced so many near misses during that time.

Last season, the Reds only lost once and picked up a quite ridiculous 97 points but it still wasn’t enough to pip Manchester City to the title.

But it was very much a one-horse race this time around.

Liverpool are currently 21 points clear of their nearest rivals and strolled their way to the league, despite slipping up a few times recently.

But fans won’t care too much about what happens between now and the end of the campaign.


They’re Premier League champions and that’s all that matters.

Since Chelsea beat Manchester City back on June 25, Kopites have been enjoying every piece of social media content they can possibly manage.

But the best video yet has just dropped.

Twitter user @RLFComps have produced a simply incredible video titled ‘Liverpool FC - Champions’ and it’s quickly gone viral on Twitter.

The video begins with a clip of Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea back in 2013/14 - a slip that cost Liverpool the title - before it switches to 'Crystanbul' as Gerrard pushes away the camera from the crying Luis Suarez.


It also shows John Stones’ miraculous goal-line clearance last season during Liverpool’s only loss of the season against Man City. Then, Vincent Kompany’s amazing strike to give City a crucial win against Leicester and pretty much securing them the title.

It goes on to show the tears after the 2018 Champions League final where two Loris Karius mistakes saw them lose 3-1 to Real Madrid.


But then things change.

It shows Liverpool lifting the 2019 Champions League title ahead of the start of this season.

What follows are clips from this campaign as the Reds score goal after goal after goal.

It really is an incredible edit. Check it out:

As you’d expect, supporters absolutely loved it and were quick to praise @RLFComps for his work.

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While Liverpool may not be finishing the season in the most emphatic way following a loss to Manchester City and draws to Everton and Burnley, Klopp has insisted that his side won’t just defend their title next season, they will attack it.

"As long as we stay humble and greedy, we have a good chance to remain a really uncomfortable opponent," said Klopp.


"When you are a really uncomfortable opponent, you have a chance to win. And when you have a chance to win, then sometimes you have to win.

"There are a lot of challenges, life is constantly a challenge, and our challenge is now being champions and playing seven games against teams that will fight for everything.

"We can show that we don't run because we have to, we run because we want to.

"Next season, you can write stories about us being the defending champions or whatever, but that is why I say - we will not defend anything, we will attack it."

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