Worrying Newcastle takeover update provided after beIN news

beIN Sport

Newcastle's takeover saga is one of the most perplexing in Premier League history.

For 17 weeks now we've been ready and waiting for the top-flight to pass the £300m bid from Saudi Arabia's Prince Investment Fund.

Mike Ashley is ready to sell, PIF want to invest in English football, and the fans want it to happen. So what's the hold-up?

Well, Saudi's human rights record has been brought into question but most importantly, piracy has been a monumental issue and has been the primary reason for the delay.

beIN Sports were showing Premier League matches illegally and as a result, the top-flight wanted a TV deal done.

That, however, has not been reached.

Major news broke on Tuesday afternoon in relation to beIN, throwing a further spanner in the works for both PIF and Newcastle. This was the last thing any party needed - more controversy. 


The latest in this long-running saga has seen Saudi Arabia cancel their relationship with beIN, fining the broadcaster over £2m in the process.

Theories have been branded about, including plans that the Saudi's potentially have an idea to strike their own deal with the Premier League. 

However, by doing what they've just done, they may have caused a further delay in proceedings.

The Athletic's investigative reporter Matt Slater took to Twitter after hearing the news to make a worrying claim.

He said: 

After waiting for such a long time for everything to go through, hearing the phrase 'the exact opposite of what they should be doing' is hardly ideal news.

beIN Sport

GIVEMESPORT's Matt Dawson says...

The timing of all of this is rather bizarre and it'll be interesting to see what the Saudi's next moves are. 

Only last week they introduced new measures to protect intellectual property in a decision that was described as KSA's biggest yet in their fight against piracy. 

That, it seemed, would be something that could potentially hurry the Premier League into making a positive decision about PIF buying Newcastle.

However, this could once again things in doubt, just days after promising news from Richard Keys.

Premier League ball

The beIN Sport presenter claimed that the takeover would go through on Friday, but unless some form of TV deal can be agreed between now and then, it remains to be seen whether the Premier League will allow Mohammed Bin Salman to pass the owners' and directors' test.

It may be difficult to work out what the issue is with Saudi banning beIN sport, but clearly, they are still a way off investing in Newcastle.

Everything is still rather in limbo.

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