Intruder breaks into Eddie Hall's new mansion after YouTube video tour


Eddie Hall, 2017 winner of World’s Strongest Man, was faced with a rather unorthodox challenge when a ‘whacko’ intruder broke into his garden and challenged him to a fight.

The incident comes just days after Hall posted a new video on his YouTube page of him walking around his mansion and showing off his latest purchase.

Nicknamed 'The Beast' for his 6ft 3in frame and 25 stone of unadulterated power, Eddie was relaxing quietly in his hot tub when what he describes as “some crazy old man” approached him with raised fists.

The six-time winner of UK’s Strongest Man fortunately lives to tell the tale.

“He put his fists up and was like ‘Let’s do some boxing’,” Eddie told The Sun.

“It just goes to show being who I am does draw whackos, so the security has been a number one feature for me.”

Amongst the installations to his home have been an innovative hi-tech security system designed to prevent such occurrences, along with a cryo chamber for training purposes.

For Eddie, who is a married father of two, the incident did raise some serious security concerns.


“In my old house we had good security, but I had a lot of problems with people coming up to the property at stupid house asking for autographs and pictures,” explained Hall.

“I have had it where people have climbed over the fence and asked for pictures and autographs. As innocent as that may sound, it’s quite worrying.

“There are quite thick bushes either side of the property, but it only takes one hole in the bush for someone to get through and do whatever nasty people do.”

Eddie Hall will hope that he has his wits about him when he takes on Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson in Las Vegas next year.


The boxing showdown has been made juicier by an ongoing war of words between the two which escalated after Bjornsson accused Hall of cheating to win the WSM title in 2017.

More recently, Hall has threatened to “rip his f***ing head off” come the Las Vegas fight.

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