Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are using aimbots to kill newly spawned players


Despite the best attempts of Activision to ban any cheats in Warzone, which inadvertently caught a number of innocent players in its crosshairs, it's not catching everybody guilty of abusing the game. 

One such evasive cheater was noticed by streamer 'TimTheTatman', who figured out there was a cheat when he and his teammate 'Cloakzy' were killed in quick succession by the same player, who neither of them could see.

The killcam shows their killer's aim to be way off, and Cloakzy is soon to note the player in question is cheating. The player is seen to be using an aimbot, sometimes called auto-aim, which automatically locks on to targets for the individual. 

But it took an even more bizarre turn when Tim realised that the cheater - who he refers to as 'Line' - begins to watch the stream.

The two begin to communicate, with the cheater moving his line of sight up and down or left and right to answer the streamer's questions. 

"This dude's blatant and he's watching the stream," laughs Tim as he requests that Line puts on a show for them. 

After initially shooting in the vague direction of a player in wooded areas or in obscure vantage points, Line steps it up and begins to pick players out the sky, even through the cloud cover. 

"Oh my God!" shouted Tim. "Even with an aimbot I didn't think you could do that!"

Although the ability to shoot at parachuting players has always been a part of the game, a headshot on a newly-spawned player is near to impossible.  

Tim's ensuing questions reveal that Line is playing on an alternate account, hence his lack of concern for getting caught and banned from the game. Line also said he unlocked all of the camos, rather than buying an account boost service.

To do this, he'd have to unlock the Platinum camo on every gun available - which takes hours of gameplay. But Line continues to show disregard that he's going to be reported by Tim, despite the fact he could lose the skins he's worked for.

Towards the end of the stream, and after he's won the match, Line pipes up and tells Tim he's been cheating for six months. Warzone was only released in March, which would mean he was cheating in the game's predecessor, Modern Warfare multiplayer. 

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