UFC news: Video highlights how much Conor McGregor cheated vs Khabib Nurmagomedov


Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov. A rivalry that completely changed the game for UFC and still to this day gets discussed by the avid fans of the sport.

A fight that was destined for controversy from the first announcement, McGregor v Khabib was the UFC 229 main event, and it was a fight that simply did not disappoint.

An MMA event that was held on October 6, 2018, but one that is still spoken about two years later.

It will forever be a fight that will go down in history for a shed load of reasons, but one reason that has seemingly gone unnoticed is the fact 'Notorious' cheated A LOT during the fight, and got away with it.

Sorry McGregor fans, but there is video proof of the Irishman cheating throughout the fight and not being punished for said actions.

Videos repeatedly show all of the ways in which McGregor was cheating during the whole fight, not once, not twice but a number of times, in front of the referee’s very own eyes as well.

How these illegal moves were failed to be seen is beyond me and if they were seen then why weren’t they acted upon during the fight?

The grabbing of the opponent’s shorts and the hooking of the feet on the side of the cage were just a number of things that Conor did during the fight that were let go and not picked up on, but had they been picked up on, he would have had points deducted and the fight may have ended sooner in Khabib’s favour.

But despite him trying to win the fight, albeit by cheating, McGregor came out second best in a fight which Khabib dominated both during and after.

The bad blood they had between them even continued after the fight when Khabib confronted McGregor and his camp. Clearly making him submit inside the cage wasn't enough for the Russian.

These actions were clearly fuelled from day one of the build-up to the fight where McGregor 'ridiculed Nurmagomedov’s Islamic faith and his ethnic roots taking dig after dig at his father. Islamophobia was on full display during the promotion,' which would, of course, warrant the reaction from Khabib that it did.


Despite the cheating ways of McGregor, it is clear to see that the best man came out on top on the day without needing to cheat his way to the top, and for McGregor, it was just a case of karma.

If you bad mouth an opponent in forms of race and discrimination, then try to cheat your way to a win, you will get your punishment!

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