Important Newcastle claim made amid beIN Sports' ban


Whatever happened in Newcastle’s clash against Tottenham on Wednesday evening, it was unlikely to have a huge impact on the takeover.

After all, the club have suffered defeats against Manchester City and Watford in recent matches but PIF still aren’t put off by the Magpies.

In fact, their attitude to proceedings has never been stronger.

For every perceived setback in this long-winded saga, it only makes the Saudi Prince Investment Fund even more determined to get it across the line.

Losses on the pitch are nothing in comparison to some of the off-field battles currently engulfing KSA and Newcastle United.

For various reasons, the takeover has been delayed and at put at risk.

PIF are yet to pass the Premier League’s owners’ and directors’ test and their bid to do so suffered a further blow on Tuesday.


The Saudi’s did the exact opposite of what they should have done to pass the deal and denied the opportunity of a quick resolution to piracy.

They banned beIN Sports completely and then fined the broadcasting company £2m.

It was a landmark moment in the takeover, one that came just days after the country introduced new measures to protect intellectual property.

Although this shows Saudi Arabia aren’t prepared to mess around in their fight against piracy, it was hardly very timely considering the Premier League are trying to conclude a TV deal.

Fortunately, however, it doesn’t look as though this news will impact things too much. Writing in her latest column for The Guardian, journalist Louise Taylor said: 

“Although it came as a shock and the timing is regarded as unfortunate, sources maintain it should not affect the Newcastle deal.” 

beIN Sports

GIVEMESPORT’S Matt Dawson says…

Time for the Toon Army to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

At first glance, this news looked as though it could have huge adverse effects on the takeover.

However, in conclusion, it could actually speed proceedings up, and potentially even make Premier League broadcasts even more secure in the Middle East.

PL ball

Unfortunately, for the time being, Saudi Arabia has no way to watch the top-flight or even the Magpies in action. Though, that could soon be resolved.

Prominent Saudi’s are suggesting they will negotiate an arrangement that involves one of their own national broadcaster’s, rather than beIN Sports.

It remains to be seen whether the Premier League are willing to do this, but if they do so, it could be the key to the takeover going through.

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