WWE news: Fans rank the worst wrestlers in history and the list is very controversial

Fans have been naming the worst of all time

WWE has been home to many of the most colourful characters in sports entertainment. 

Professional wrestlers have been captivating audiences for decades, with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair or The Rock staking a claim to be remembered as the greatest ever. 

Last week, GIVEMESPORT ranked the 30 greatest WWE Superstars of all time and you can read it here.

But what if we flip the script? What if we ask 'who are the worst wrestlers of all time?' 

It's an interesting question that should be explored. After all, for every Stone Cold, there's a Eugene... sorry, Eugene. 

Over at TheTopTens, fans have been ranking the worst wrestlers of all time and it's fair to say their list is VERY controversial. 

Each ranking comes with a sentence to explain the decision, but it's important to remember that these are the opinions of fans and certainly not a definitive list. 

Who have fans ranked as the worst ever

So, let's get into it. 

25. Roman Reigns

"Needs to be higher on this list. His finisher is a running punch and a weak spear. He also gets too many WWE Championship opportunities." 

Reigns features on the list

24. Jack Swagger

"This man SUCKS! He can't wrestle and he's annoying. Even his name explains the ego of this person."

23. Brodus Clay (Tyrus)

"Clown of a wrestler. If he wasn't here we would have seen some more Edge action!"

22. Kurt Angle

You - like us - are probably thinking 'why on earth is Kurt Angle on this list?' It seems those who have ranked him aren't sure either. All the comments are positive. Bizarre. 

We're not sure why, either

21. CM Punk

"The man's an idiot in every way possible. Character and person there is so much wrong it's unbelievable." 

20. Skinner (Steve Keirn)

This ranking also doesn't have any comments justifying the selection. We can only assume he's here because of a forgettable run in WWF between 1991 and 1993. 

Incredibly, during that time, he had an Intercontinental title shot against Bret Hart, featured in the Royal Rumble and even lost at WrestleMania VIII to Owen Hart. 

19. Tommy Dreamer 

"Dreamer is definitely up there. Never drew a dime after ECW. Was just a lucky product of Paul Heyman's genius." 

Dreamer clocks in at 21

18. Simon Dean (Mike Bucci)

"This guy is a goofball. He was a waste of space in WWE and should've never been hired."

17. Jimmy Wang Yang

Again, there are no comments here. But given Yang had three forgettable spells in WWE and never came close to winning any gold, his position is probably justified.

16. Dolph Ziggler

Like Angle, Ziggler's ranking doesn't actually come with any negative comments justifying his position. It's more that fans are unhappy with how he's been booked in WWE

Ziggler shouldn't be on the list

15. Austin Aries

Similar to Ziggler, the comments section on TheTopTens can't work out why Aries is on this list. Neither can we, actually. 

14. Rico Constantino

No one has left a comment to explain Constantino's position either. But as he 'won' worst gimmick in WON's 2003 awards, it's easy to see why he's on the list. 

13. The Miz

"This guy sucks so bad I bet even Bo Dallas could beat him."

Miz features on the list

12. Finlay

Like a few others on this list, you've got to wonder why Finlay features. The comments in the ranking have been defending him too. 

11. Mick Foley

"Mick was never a great wrestler, but he wasn't terrible, either."

10. Adrian Adonis

"His character was designed to generate as much heat as possible, and he totally succeeded. He was someone you loved to hate."

9. Santino Marella

"He wasn't a good wrestler. Went out there to make a fool out of himself in front of a live audience."

Marella takes a spot on the worst ever list

8. The Giant Gonzalez

"Not good enough to be a basketball player, even less qualified to be a wrestler. Never before has a sports person been over pushed to the brink like this guy." 

7. Eugene

"Didn't deserve to be in a wrestling ring with his childish antics. His only special moves included stealing other peoples moves."

6. The Shockmaster

"Nobody even knew about him until Mattel made a flashback elite of him for Comic-Con."

Yep, this is deserved

5. Bastion Booger (Mike Shaw)

"He wasn't very bad at wrestling, but seemed to get the worst gimmicks everywhere he went."

4. Hulk Hogan 

"Ladies and gentlemen this is the man who killed WCW with one finger."

3. The Great Khali

"Could barely walk around the ring let alone wrestle. Worst world heavyweight champion ever." 

Khali is a controversial pick

2. Hornswoggle 

"Whoever came up with this idea should be publicly reprimanded, fined, and banned from wrestling for life."

1. John Cena

"John Cena is a horrid wrestler who I am surprised hasn't seriously hurt someone or himself. Over-rated career." 

Should Cena really be on the list?

WOW. There's an awful lot to get into here. Let's start with the obvious. There are plenty of names on the list that don't belong here. 

Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, The Miz, Finlay and of course, John Cena. 

How anyone can call the 16-time world champion the 'worst wrestler ever' is absolutely ridiculous. 

But as we mentioned earlier, this list has been created and ranked by fans. Cena is a very polarising figure and he's one of those stars that people love to hate. 

Fans love to hate Cena

We're just shocked enough people hate Cena to put him top of this list. 

There are some rankings we agree with, though and in most cases, fans have left a sentence to justify their picks. Sorry, Hornswoggle.  

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