WWE news: Vince McMahon made major last-minute edit to finish of Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

McMahon changed the match outcome at the last minute

WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view came under a lot of criticism from fans. 

It seemed to live up to its 'Horror Show' tagline for all the wrong reasons. 

The main event, which saw Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman battle in a 'Swamp Fight', was nowhere near the standard of previous cinematic matches. 

Then there was the 'Eye for an Eye' match between Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio... the less said about this one, the better.

Both men were absolutely brilliant throughout, but with the stipulation being the winner had to 'extract their opponent's eye' it was always going to end controversially. 

Fans weren't impressed when the finish saw Mysterio pull a clearly fake eyeball out of his mask, with a little bit of fake blood.

While that was happening, Rollins was vomiting at ringside. The production value wasn't exactly great and many viewers slammed the spot on social media.  

Fans slammed WWE's finish on social media

(Photo credit: WWE)

But that wasn't always the plan. WWE had actually filmed a different finish, but Vince McMahon changed it late on.

According to PWInsider, per WrestlingInc, an entire sequence was filmed that would have made it look like Mysterio's eye actually popped out. 

The spot used prosthetic makeup and CGI and that's what was originally scripted to make Rollins sick at ringside. 

The finish to Rollins vs Mysterio should have been different

(Photo credit: WWE)

But McMahon reportedly hated the look of the special effect sequence and made the call to edit it out of the final broadcast. 

GIVEMESPORT's Ollie Browning says:

While the 'Eye for an Eye' stipulation was probably doomed from the start, it would have been very interesting to see WWE's original plan go to air. 

A lot of fans - us included - have been critical of how basic the finish to Rollins vs Mysterio was after such a good showcase from both inside the ring. 

Rollins and Mysterio impressed in the ring

(Photo credit: WWE)

Let's make something clear too - WWE is a multi-billion dollar company, so the production for the finish to a PPV match should have been higher than a fake eyeball and some fake blood. 

Extreme Rules left a lot of fans upset on Sunday night and it's easy to see why. We just wish we could see the original footage that McMahon cut!

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