Inside Floyd Mayweather's prison sentence which lasted just 60 days back in 2012

Floyd Mayweather was imprisoned for 60 days

Back in 2012, Floyd Mayweather was sentenced to 90 days after pleading guilty to domestic abuse against his former girlfriend Josie Harris, and served what was a challenging 60 days of said sentence.

His punishment was delayed to allow for a fight against Miguel Cotto over the Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend, but he found the proceeding stint in prison particularly difficult to manage. 

"My mind is not the same. I've lost weight I am stressed out I can't work-out and I need some type of exercise," complained the boxer, as per the report from The Mirror.

"There is [sic] 7 days in a week and I only get five hours out of my cell and that's unfair."

After complaining of a rib injury and being told it wasn't serious, Mayweather threatened to sue the prison, claiming surgery would be needed upon release. He then began to accuse the guards of unfair treatment.

"When I approached his cell to see what was his problem, he stated to me that he felt that I, for some reason, had it out for him," an officer said.

"He told me that he felt I disliked him. I explained to him that I didn't have an opinion of him either way and that I'm trying to ensure that policies are being followed.


"He looked me in the eye and told me that when he gets out of jail, he won't forget me. I then asked him if that was a threat. He said, 'I didn't say I was going to hurt you did I?'"

Mayweather also seemingly procured protection when locked up. Prison records wrote: "Last night while inmate Mayweather #1363917 was out for his scheduled free time he yelled up to inmate [Paul] Lopez #1532142 and said, 'I'm putting $500 on your books, thanks for looking out."

It was shown that Lopez and Nicholas Howard had received anonymous payments of $500 and $200 to their accounts respectively. 

When questioned, Howard simply replied: "It is what it is."


The prison diet also wasn't to Mayweather's taste, and a report reads: "Today, Mayweather was offered a tray and juice for lunch but refused, stating he doesn't eat the food here."

Mayweather requested an early release based on the perceived poor quality of food and water on offer. A judge dismissed these demands, questioning if Mayweather believed he was at the Four Seasons instead of prison.

Mayweather instead sustained himself on a diet of snacks, including noodles, beef jerky, and Snickers bars.

Upon his early release for good behaviour, Mayweather was greeted by members of his family, his manager Leonard Ellerbe, and rapper 50 Cent. 

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