Mike Tyson's comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr has been simulated on Fight Night


Mike Tyson's shock return to the world of boxing stepped even further into reality on Thursday afternoon with the confirmation of his first fight.

The youngest heavyweight champion in history has been touting a comeback over the past few months, but nobody in the fight game was sure whether Tyson was going to stay true to his word.

However, the return of Tyson is almost irrefutable now after it was confirmed that he will step between the ropes on September 12th to face off against boxing great Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson vs Jones Jr

The bout will take place over eight rounds, without head-guards, using heavier-than-usual 12oz gloves and has already been approved by the California State Athletic Commission.

In other words, it's really happening.

Of course, we're talking about two men over the age of 50 here and the key phrase to take from the event is 'exhibition bout', so don't expect either fighters to be slugging for a massive knockout.


Who will win on fight night?

But you just know that millions of sports fans will be tuning in around the world regardless with the fight airing on pay-per-view as well as Triller, a TikTok-like music video app.

So, although we can't expect Tyson to be ironing out his opponents like he did in the 1980s, there will still be plenty of intrigue as to whether he can get the better of Jones Jr over eight rounds.

Which begs the question: who do you think will be the better operator after years away from the professional game? 

Well, we hate to be stumped here at GIVEMESPORT, so we've called upon one of the most scientific, accurate and inscrutable ways of predicting Tyson vs Jones Jr ahead of time.


Tyson vs Jones Jr simulated

Yeh... no, we had to settle for the iconic video game that is Fight Night Champion, but don't pretend as though a simulation of Tyson and Jones Jr slugging it out isn't something that piques your interest.

YouTuber 'Mazza Productions' set up a bout between the two fighters in April and allowed the algorithm to tick over on its own accord, thus revealing its opinion on who would win the contest.

Check out the full video down below and keep scrolling for our report on the fight:

This particular simulation lasted just three rounds and as a result, Tyson wasn't able to secure a stoppage victory despite dominating the fight, but his skill was still reflected on the scorecards.

'Iron Mike' was the clear aggressor during the opening six minutes and finally made a breakthrough just moments before the bell when he scored a devastating knockdown.

Tyson had his opponent pinned in the corner, landing a series of punches into Jones Jr's guard and eventually wore away at his compatriot with a straight right hand. 


Consequently, all three judges scored all three rounds to Tyson, who had his hand raised by the referee.

So, as far as the virtual word is concerned, the fight is Tyson's to lose and perhaps the three intense rounds on the game are actually a good comparison to what eight relaxed rounds might look like.

That being said, the prime Tyson represented on 'Fight Night' is somewhat sharper than the 54-year-old version we have today, so perhaps Jones Jr shouldn't worry himself too much. 


Regardless of what happens or who wins, though, it's just one of those bizarre and crazy fights that makes you pick up the remote control whether you like it or not. Roll on September, I guess.

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